Friday, December 3, 2010

good things: rainbow shelves

our home does not have space for book shelving (yet) but this is such a fun way to arrange your books! by colour! looks like a piece of art, no?

anyone who loves metal alphabets is my friend too!! :) via here.

p.s. we FINALLY have a mop! and it is wait for it... ORANGE! i don't know how judybob talks me into crazy things like that but she does...


  1. That's how I arrange my bookshelf, love! :) Got that idea years ago from Teen Vogue.

  2. ooo i love!!! :) i can't wait till we have SHELVES!!! :)
    are you home, babe?

  3. I just got back on Friday night! Gonna write you an email in a bit. :)


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