Monday, December 20, 2010

crafts: something's brewing...

my mum is my inspiration. since i was a little girl, she has always encouraged me to explore my artsy side through art classes, dance, music and crafts. all things that i grew to enjoy immensely in life later. but i thank my lucky stars all the time that i got a little creative bone from her.

inspired by these images, we're working on a new project this christmas. a collaboration of sorts.. but more like im her assistant and she runs the show actually... i get all the 2nd-class tasks, ironing seams, cleaning loose threads, hold the cloth but i'll gladly play 2nd fiddle to her.. its already a promotion cos when i was younger, i was only allowed to watch but not touch.

pictures via A Field Journal.

any guesses what mischief we're up to???

just a little clue, its great for cold weather...


  1. A quilt?!
    Hey girl, looks like NY is firmed up for me...u have any cheap and good accomodation to recommand? And maybe nice restaurents we shld checkout? That hotdoggy place u wrote about once at the arnival like place is in NY right?

  2. hhaha close! i got one in the shape of seal! :) its excellent for the cold!!

  3. hahaha!!! :)
    bingo! :) thus far i've stayed at my friends place. but NYC is known for their luxurious hotels.. not entirely sure about cheap accomodation!! there is a website that has vacation rentals, you stay in people's home but pay less than hotel! :)
    i liked momofuku! but make reservations for their chicken meal!
    the hotdog place "nathans" is all over the states but the orginal home of nathans is at coney island in brooklyn! do check out central park, my favorite place!

  4. how did you guess! :) thats correct!!
    she finished it in one day and half.. so love!

  5. spot on! :) its so much fun making it..
    i feel like making one for every room now! :)
    congrats on the new job, babe!

  6. close close!! :) :)
    i wish i could make gloves. the ready made ones don't really fit my hands! :*(

  7. been looking as well! they are mostly knits and not nice leather/stylish!
    i guess its always good to have something to shop/look forward to!

  8. ya amazing!! i'll have to get daniel to take a picture of it real soon!
    its gorgeous!! ( or at least i think it is..)


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