Wednesday, December 8, 2010

crafts: DIY christmas wreath

inspired by a ruffled cushion i spotted on etsy, i decided to make a christmas wreath for our bedroom! and since hadn't planned to do it, i had to make do with whatever i could find in the house!

what i used: 
(1) big piece of cardboard 
scrap paper
scrap fabric
masking tape
my old trusty hot glue gun..

two hours later... a wintry & fluffy wreath!!

1) use round objects (pots & bowls) around the house to cut the base of the wreath. this is just regular cardboard from our packing boxes so i doubled it up for a firmer base.

2) tape together using masking tape.

3) give it some volume using scrap stiff paper or styrofoam

4) using other round objects (i used my roll of tape..), cut circles from your fabric. you don't need to be super precise with the circular cut. i used scraps from my day curtain and the fabric was a little flimsier. if you use a firmer fabric, you'll need not as many circles. you can vary the colours and texture a little but i didn't because my bedroom is completely white and i wanted to keep to the light airy feel of the room.

5) fold the circles by half or quarters and start hot-gluing them on going anti-clockwise/clockwise. try not to change direction so the ruffles all flow in one direction

6) wreath hanger: i used a piece of fabric and made a little button hole for hanging.

tadah! :) all spruced up and ready for christmas!! :)

if you're planning to make a wreath, please send me a picture! i would love to see what cuties patooties you come up with!!



  1. What a beautiful wreath, hun! I love how it's all put together using recycled stuff. =)

  2. the scrooge in me thinks those are the best crafts! :)
    use up scraps and make something pretty!!


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