Wednesday, December 1, 2010

christmas crafts - santa's stockings..

remember this from last year? it fills me with so much pride looking at it, despite the crooked lines and mismatching designs, i hand stitched them all!! but unfortunately, they are keeping mama company in australia this christmas, less of a workout. so this year, i decided to make another set for the cheng family reunion! :) 

i found this  from purlbee. it is titled - Simple Embroidered Stocking. and as much as i love purlbee & purl soho, i'll be the first to admit that it was so NOT easy!! at least for me. my sewing and embroidery skills are at the most beginners' level but it looked like it was an afternoon of work but it took me a grand total of 2 days! and many hair-tearing moments. but i love the way they worded it and the instructions are very clear. their pictures are, as usual, gorgeous! so no regrets at all.

i think the embroidery satin stitching was the most painful. so i limited mine and daniel's to read our initials only. i don't love him that much to embroider SIX (!!) letters!!

we are family! all my brother sisters and me! *snap*

all decked up and ready for stuffing.

santa, bring it on! :)


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