Friday, November 26, 2010

walk-in wardrobes that inspire..

i don't believe it but we've been in japan for almost two months! how i survived without know a single word of japanese, i don't know.. but my new year resolution will be to learn how to speak basic japanese. gesturing is fun when you're asking for train lines not so fun when you need to ask for the bathroom or meds for sore throat. urm. check and check..

when we first moved into our home, we agreed that when we don't have visitors, the guest bedroom is my walk-in wardrobe. so like all things in life, i came up with a moodboard of beautiful wardrobes that i would LOVE to live in. that's right. live in.

i love mirrored vanity tables... how posh!

clothes in hues of pinks... picture from jcrew bridal boutique in new york.

a little more space effective! i'm loving the green dress hung there..

mariah carey's wardrobe is astonishing.. she owns a 12,000 sq feet wardrobe and has a separate shoe section too! and wait for it... in manhattan!! oh mimi you live a charmed charmed life!

olivia wilde looking gorgeous in her real-life wardrobe.. (and mirrored vanity again!)

how whimsical!

when i showed my inspiration moodboard to the boy. he said "urm. babe. we're talking tokyo here, right?" oh so practical. i was gonna come back with something smart about mariah's manhattan wardrobe but for the sake of our marriage, i took one for the team and let that one go.


  1. *eyes pop out looking at mariah's WIW* its like an apartment by itself!! sooooooo nice to be rich! :)

  2. i love the first one!! but I don't think I'm suited for walk-in wardrobes.. Can't bear the pain of cleaning up dust and what not..

  3. lovin it
    I'm loving the green dress and the one Wilde is pullin off. I see walk-in wardrobes and my brain says, "Allergic Rhinitis!" Everythin has to be boxed up or hidden in cupboards to prevent dust accumulation. And it's so cute tt ur boy is so patient with you & ur a lil goofy with all these ideas. Does ur brain ever stop thinking?

  4. bhahaha!! its not too bad though, everything is exposed so it needs to be ironed all the time and neat.
    but the place doesn't get too dusty!!

  5. you don't say! :) i was extremely envious! still am...

  6. Re: lovin it
    its not too dusty babe.. i think its cos its all clean clothes in an a/c and enclosed area, literally a huge wardrobe in my case!
    p.s. no, the brain keeps moving from one project to another. one day im going to take over the world! xx

  7. (if) when i get my new place, u will be one of the few i will go to for design ideas :0

  8. thanks hon!! :) thats such a compliment!
    i just save heaps of pictures when im surfing the internet!

  9. I've always wanted a WIW. Had the most wonderful idea when I had my new place (Convert part of a room for my WIW) but too bad that din materialise cos the place wasn't big enough and I dun have enough rooms to start off with (without hacking walls). So till my next house! hahha

  10. Hello love!!! I know what you mean!! Mine is not much more spacious actually but we don't have a study so hence the extra room!!! Meanwhile, doesn't cost for us to dream up a storm right?? Xx happy weekend!!


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