Friday, November 5, 2010

there's just magic in the tokyo air!

i love visitors! i love their company, i love it when they stay at our place, i love it when the home is packed full of happy bouncy people.. visitors make me happy and it gives us an excuse to indulge in our favorite meals in town. in cambodia we had a steady stream of visitors which kept us busy for a while but we were kinda worried that japan is a wee bit further, harder to get to and maybe people don't love us enough...

but, boy were we wrong!! :)

we've had our first visitor, domestic but still much much appreciated! my swiss friend, miwako, came up from Osaka and we hung out at shinjuku shopping our day away!! and tomorrow, our friend, derek is swinging by town! im gonna play tour-guide for the day. but truth is, it'll be more like blind leading the blind. i promised daniel i'll be showing off my fantabulous japanese and will be sounding more like "ano...nama biru.. ano.. arigatoe." (urm. beer. thanks.) but it will be still fun!

then the real fun begins!!

next week, the girlies (deaf & belle) are coming to inaugurate our spanking new guest beds...

AND then dick's coming to hang and eat gyoza...

AND as if that's not cool enough...

the bobs are coming to town in december (!!!)

followed by the ENTIRE cheng family! :) that's right... both the boys from their various countries and dad and mum are coming to spend a wintry cold christmas! while they're here, we're also hanging out with my cousin & her boys who are here to ski! maybe we'll all head up to a wintry onsen and spend new years!!

as uncle barney would say "It's gonna be legend-... wait for it... and I hope you're not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is DAIRY! "

im sooooo excited!! :)


  1. you can set up room rentals already!

  2. ooo wintery onsen sounds fabulous!

  3. it would be like a page outta a magazine i reckon! :)
    not sure about countdown fireworks though! i look forward to that each year!

  4. hahaha im happy enough that they are coming to visit! :)

  5. can i self-invite to go visit & stay??!?!

  6. hahaha... just let me know when you book tickets.

  7. omggg you actually agreed! when you dun even know me! nah, i think im (we are) imposing!!


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