Saturday, November 13, 2010

nikko trip: vintage shopping..

during our short visit to nikko, we spotted some really cute vintage stores! its a really quiet and calm town away from tokyo but rather popular with tourist, so the prices are also comparatively higher. but i love poking my nose through the eclectic wares and dream about the story behind each piece. you just never know what you can find! and the weird thing is, i absolutely love the smell of second hand furniture!

the exterior looks completely junky but the inside is so darn cute!! with shelves and mirrors in all shapes and sizes, the interior was a labyrinth of adorable finds...

hello, store!!

love love love the wooden stools.

i spy gorgeous tin canisters, china and lovely english books.

precious thingmagigs...

i also obsessed over the distressed leather luggages for a while. aren't they gorgeous? 

little letterpress charactes.. so gorgeous and only 100 yen for 10p. 
(but seriously.. what are you going to do with them?)

stamps bundles in little rubberbands..

i wanna live here!! our next house won't be minimalistic... i miss decorative pieces and colours already!!



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