Friday, November 26, 2010

more H&M - lanvin craziness...

ok. so you already know where i spent my tuesday morning.. but little did i know it would be such an adventure.. i guess the japanese do have a penchant for lining up for their food, merchandise, tickets, almost everything under the sun! so it shouldn't have been a surprise. but in my mind, i kinda thought i picked a really cosy and quiet store near home.

agreed to meet an hour and half before store opens to catch a quick cuppa but saw this! and like good little singaporeans, decided to join the line!

they were pumping club music the whole morning. and despite the rainy gloom, everyone was upbeat and nice. there were security guards to manage the crowds and stop people from jumping queue and the store assistants came out often to check on everyone and even handed out complimentary brollies to everyone! nice!

got a little excited when we finally got int and saw this! a cordoned off area specially for the lanvin collection. the clothes were barricaded off with crowd control fences and in each 10 min slot, they allowed 20 people into the craziness. so you shop while the whole world gathers around you. it kinda felt like that supermarket spree show that i used to watch when i was younger..

did anyone else watch it? the one where you have to shop like mad and grab the most expensive items! i learnt then that milk powder and ham is the most expensive thing you can buy in a supermarket. good times.. but i digress...

our groupie wrist bands that allowed us into the arena at 12freakin45!!!


a sneak peek at the clothes.. (see the gian-ess in the lady's face!!) and our cute little clock lady that counts down every minute!! she was adorable!! 

and the staff in the arena ran around like madhouse, cleaning after the mess and restocking the shelves! it was hilarious to watch! (and obviously mandatory cos we were waiting for hours..)

the lanvin 'rack' at home! :) they packed in the cute hangers for us too!!

and nice heat-embossed stationery with beautiful ribboned handles!!

our purchases were mostly for our friends! but i did try on a few dresses that i thought had potential but wasn't really feeling it! even my tutu dress was disappointing. something about the finishing made it look less glamourous than the pictures!

but all in all, very fruitful. and a perfect display of japanese efficiency! also, we were mighty please we picked up everything from her shopping list! :)


  1. wow i love the details.. hangers and all :)
    and the girl holding up the clock.. haha
    not related but hey I have the same watch as the "other hand" Daniels I'm assuming hee..

  2. alamak you never buy anything for yourself??????

  3. Omg.. was it worth the wait? What did u get?
    I'm in HK this Sun and was hoping to check it out when i m there... but i so do not have time to queue...
    Should i go? Should i pass?

  4. long line-ups! why is the Lanvin collection so popular? :)

  5. watdidyaget watdidyaget? :)
    the queue was absolutely bonkers in london, and yes, such gorgeous designs but slightly disappointing quality me thinks :(

  6. a few dresses for my friend, some accessories & a fun jacket!! :)
    the workmanship is not superduper but the fabric on some of the dresses were actually quite alright! just fit me funny! maybe im not cut out for couture! :)

  7. its super hyped up and the big collaboration of the year for H&M...
    but there were still clothes from the lanvin collection on the racks today when i checked. a little hit and miss with sizes but most things are still there! so i feel a little silly for lining up!!!

  8. yeah it was worth the wait.. i got a few cute things but not crazy about the shoes.. (which is pretty odd for me!)
    check it out! if its still available try the yellow and pink togas. they were my favorites!! there won't be queues anymore! :)

  9. me too!! its all in the branding!! :)
    the other hand (im assuming the clenched one at 6 o clock?) haha.. is mine! :) thats my work watch, daniel's retired race-watch.. so manly, right? time to use some handcream!

  10. Such an orderly way to q for the Lanvin Collection! Major like! =) When Stella McCartney launched her first Target collection in Melb, there were videos of women fist fighting for her clothes! =)
    I really like the yellow toga dress in the collection.

  11. that one has really nice fabric and very well made! :) one of my favorites in the collection!!
    something about the jostling and seeing racks and racks of the same stuff wheeled out simultaneously made the clothes seem a little less appealing!!

  12. omg, at least u got some stuff. it's completely sold out over here within 2 hours of opening.

  13. for real?? they still have clothes from lanvin on the shelves today!!
    maybe the japanese not that crazy over lanvin afterall!!

  14. aw you're so lucky we don't even have a H&M here boo but my mum is in Japan now so *fingers crossed*

  15. haha... but I'm sure it was fun to be part of the excitement! :)

  16. yes!! get your ma to shop for you! :) there is still stock in stores!!
    australia should get a H&M soon!! i heard they are coming to singapore!


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