Thursday, November 11, 2010

lulu said "red, black, white, gold or vintage.."

okay, i know its none of the above. but i saw this one and thought of you. i am so very very proud of you. nuff said. before i start crying over nothing! :)

hello, lulu!

and in my excitement to complete the owl, i forgot to sew in his EARS!!! sorry about that.. i guess its gonna be a little special?

kabocha: "who the hey-hey are you?" (sorry, the allenders talk like this.)
deaf british owl: "wot? i beg your pardon.."

kabocha: "ewww... gross.."

owl: "sorry about that..."

you just have to imagine that in a british accents. it cracks me up! :) anyway, i hope they keep you company in your teaching/crafting/daily adventures!!

with love,

p.s. im so so excited bosslady also got a sewing machine. and also a brother!! :) she is sewing more sensible things like napkins and runners for work and i so wish i was still working with her.. can 
 you imagine getting paid to sit and sew pretty napkins all day long?! and in other news, i was a little apprehensive about the foot-pedaless model i got. but slowly getting the hang of things!



  1. CUTEST THING EVER! my very own earless owl... can't wait to use it! thanks babe <3

  2. Babe u should totally set up an easy selling acct. :)

  3. I have a pink brother too, to sew my gals' dresses!
    But urs look cuter! And i like the owl; its a measuring tape isnt it? I wan one :(

  4. I know!!! Soooooo cute! Our little pumpkin is so sociable!!

  5. A pink one!??? I didn't see!! Jealous!!!!
    Sew clothes?? Is it difficult?? I can't imagine!! Maybe I try in spring?! When I perfect my basic stitch!!

  6. I have one but haven't had the courage to put things up sale!!!
    Maybe soon!!

  7. this cracked me up..
    great use of measuring tape :)


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