Tuesday, November 16, 2010

have socks, will dance..

i am absolutely in love with this youtube video..

tablio is a japanese socks company with an absolutely adorable website. my girlfriend mindy first told me about it a while ago but im not quite a socks person, i have problems matching them with my outfits and shoes. but after watching this whimsical video and their little ballet feet, i promptly slipped on my fuzzy home slippers, skidded around the home and twirled a little. its pure fun! :) you should give it a go!

and the music kinda sticks! :)

video via 8tokyo.com


  1. so cute! so cute!! when i taught in classes, i couldn't wear shoes, so i bought so many pairs of socks. i love love love them!!! i love rainbow coloured, argyle, polka-dotty, knee length, ankle high, toe-socks, non-slip ones! japan is land of socks!

  2. how come you couldn't wear shoes!!
    i can so see you in socks!! if only im as fun in my dressing as you are!!! im all so matchy matchy and coordinated!!


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