Wednesday, November 17, 2010

bento: bear-shaped egg

the boy is a very fussy eater. i guess thats karma for being an equally picky eater. but of the millions of things he does not eat, eggy derivatives or anything vaguely looking like an egg is one of the major ones.. which makes it real hard cos they're great and easy to prepare and in almost all brunchy meals!!

guess what got tucked into his bento today???

a peewee BEAR!!!! :) :) :) 

im holding my breathe hoping that he'll come home with raving reviews! and ask for more bears. (or bunnies or cars. i've got them all!! )

off to work! tooderooos! :)


  1. So that bear is egg?
    How did u get it in that shape?!

  2. omg thats soooo cute!!!!!!!!!
    how to do?!?!

  3. That's hilarious! :p
    Also, how can one not like eggs??

  4. omg.. it is soooo cute!
    when u come back to sg, u got to make one for zach when we meet. ;ppp

  5. definitely!!! :) :) :)
    but its NOTHING tho compared to his scallop and cod porridge. when my cooking gets up to scratch im going to give that a go!!!

  6. I KNOW right?? all the best things in life are made in egg!!! silly boy!!

  7. hahaha!! yes, its an egg disguised as a bear but don't tell daniel in his face.
    he loves it so far!! :)
    i have a mold that helps me.. its super simple tho.

  8. next time i make, i'll do a picture tutorial!
    its super simple..

  9. oh man.. i should learn how to cook too. It's utterly cute!

  10. this doesn't count as cooking... just boiling an egg!
    but ya i figured how to cook only much later in life (as you probably have experienced first-hand from my youthful adventures in the kitchen.)

  11. I want the mold too!! you bought it in japan??


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