Monday, November 15, 2010

aburi toro and abercrombie adventures..

last night, we celebrated daniel's birthday (again) at our favorite japanese restaurant. but it was extra special as we had our friends in tow. it was even yummier having someone to share the AMAZINGGG aburi toro with!!

its so lovely to have company in the house and friends to go running around town with! twice the noise, and triple the fun and excitement. for real, friends make everything better!! :) i've had the best weekend ever! 

on our way to pick up a surprise cake for daniel, we were 'inexplicably' drawn into A&F and got daniel a present!

CHECK THOSE RIPPED ABS and his V line!!!! i mean.. *cough* happy birthday, daniel!! (again!)

A&F was insane! this is their first store in asia, right smack in the middle of swanky ginza. the whole store smelt like cologne and was dimly lit like a club! for the the uninitiated, A&F stores are known for their gorgeous retail staff all round the world. i've been to the one in new york, even in winter, the topless ripped man stands topless at the storefront welcoming their guests! absolutely brilliant!! this one is no different. we were completely surrounded by goodlooking people and while the girls were pretty too, the men in tokyo, AMAZING! im mildly embarrassed that im sounding like a completely groupie now...

anyway, the inside was so dark, i hardly noticed the clothes! but i love how the staff bobs around to the music when they are not assisting customers! its so goofy and hilarious!

caught a picture of the stairwell from the top floor before we found out they have a 'no photography' policy. oh well.. but 11 storeys of yumminess!! 

6-9-10 Ginza Chuo-Ku
Tokyo, JP 104-0061


  1. Ooohh, do blog about the weekend! I wanna see piccies!

  2. i know!!! 2 - 6 is mens, 7 - 11 is ladies, and level one is just my hot man!! :)

  3. i just realized i don't have that many pictures!! belle and deaf have most of them!!
    just now after they left, i had a big boo-hoo while riding to work. *sigh* drama.

  4. come come!! i take you there so we can all be completely auntie and gawk at young men! :)

  5. isn't he yummy!?
    good thing daniel thought the whole thing was funny! :)


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