Friday, October 8, 2010

tokyo: canal cafe

things have been a little crazy this week.. when things firm up properly, i'll share it here. but tokyo has been very kind on us! the weather is pretty again and we spent the whole of last weekend wandering in search for good pillows and flea markets!

so far, i dare say tokyo's pace of life is not THAT crazy. we both come home at a decent hour, pop into a new restaurant each day and step on each other's paperwork/homework while walking around our shoebox-of-a-serviced-apartment!! we'll see if things stay as calm for long. but oh i have missed this quiet lifestyle for the past two months in singapore!!

this little cafe near home reminded me of the central park boathouse.. i love the quiet admist the buzz of trains, traffic and suited businessmen.

little bit of familiarity - tuna pasta with eggplant..

it was not mindblowing but comforting. we sat for hours flipping through home magazines dreaming up a storm for our apartment!

the little welcome board + flowers.

i'll recommend coming for brunch or late afternoon tea and sit deckside! i also took a short italian class this week! and loved it!! next language after japanese, definitely italian! piacere!

Canal Cafe in Tokyo
1-9 Kagurazaka Shinjuku-ku
Namboku, Tōzai, Yūrakuchō
or Toei Ōedo Line to Iidabashi (exit B3)
5.30-11.30pm Tue-Sun


  1. awwww.. i'm seriously missing japan very much. :s

  2. do you speak jap? i wish i learnt it before i came here..


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