Tuesday, October 5, 2010

things that made monday special..

1. grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast

2. our long long morning walk to work

3) baby boys in bow ties

is this not the cutest thing ever!! ahhh... :) 

4) my kiwi fruit treat! yummy!!

5) flowers that stay fresh for a WEEK! (and still going strong! the magic is in the cool breeze, i tell ya!) 

{pictures from here}


  1. Yearning for a little one already...
    With 6 planned, you'll have to get down to making them soon :)

  2. hahahaha the 6 plan was back when i was a little girl.. i bailed on that very long time ago! :) maybe one little one! :)

  3. hi hon! :) about 10 minutes to daniel's office from home and another 15 to where i needed to go! :)
    but very leisurely and i was sure to bring my flats to change into! :)

  4. i really admire you & D to be able to juz 'up and go' to a brand new country!

  5. haha selective posting. =)
    i suppose its normal, my journal is quite falala too.

  6. i just wanna remember the good stuff, the meltdowns and the sad parts, not so much!!


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