Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Z" is for all things good...

life's been a breeze in the past few days, the serviced apartment is starting to feel more like home and we seem to be making headway in our home search! *fingers crossed* other than a few administrative things here and there, it has been good and fairly uncomplicated. my only disappointment is my lost bid for a red muji mamachari-bicycle.. c'est la vie! :)

when daniel's in the office, my day passes very quickly because im so busy exploring different parts of tokyo. it still feels like an extended vacation and we're still ever so thrilled by japanese food! :) today, we were poking our noses in the suburbs, found a completely nondescript sushi train restaurant, we giggled at our hilarious last name written in japanese, waved at kids.. and had a ball. it served awesome fresh sushi and the most delicious green tea (im very undiscerning actually.. i like any green tea), good match to the classier ones we've been to in ginza. and the best part, the bill was 1050 yen (SGD 16) !!!! insanity... i now wanna live in the suburbs!!

and i digress...

today, i learnt a new word i'd like to share!! its ZAKKA! :) :)

its everything that improves your life, home and well-being and i quote “the art of seeing the savvy in the ordinary and mundane”! :) thats like what my entire life is about!! cute little things that's function and makes your everyday a little happier!! awesome and the japanese came up with a word specifically to describe all that good stuff! :) 

and just in one word "zakka", i feel like im home!!

{picture from here}


  1. you are settling in well hunz! happy for you & D!

  2. hopefully things go smoothly like this from here! :) so far so good!!


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