Monday, October 11, 2010

happy (long) weekend!!

hello loves! how was your weekend!! :) hope you've been up to some fun!

we're enjoying a long weekend in japan this week cos its sports day on monday! isn't it hilarious? there is a public holiday allocated to almost everything! for culture, for respect for the aged for coming of age!! i don't understand everyone of them but im sure gonna celebrate everyone of them! we've been out and about this weekend, exploring the town a little more. kicked off our shoes and walked all around town in our flipflops and summer clothes catching the last bit of sunshine!

today, i finally got to harajuku. checked out the cosmo-dressers, rows and rows of cute vintage stores and marvelled at their seleciton of crepes. i also marked a pair of strawberry ankle socks for our first paycheck. we're severely in debt at the present moment cos moving is so darn expensive. we didn't know we'd have to spend so much on lights, fridge, bedding, everything!! basically our apartment comes empty!! so all our recent dates have been cheap & cheery and we've been very well disciplined in our spending. we've been fantasizing what we'd do when the paycheck come in at the end of the month. truth is, it'll probably go all that rent & key money & deposit we owe our landlord!

oh! did you know at in japan, you have to buy moving in presents for neighbours too? and go say hi and apologize for being a nuisance and to "take care" of us? i think traditionally you buy them soba gifts. but in modern day, a box of dessert or candy might just do the trick!

and i have something absolutely delightful to share!! one of our best girlfriend, our grooms-chick and one of our other guests got together after they met at our wedding! we've been really excited about it and discreet about our enthusiasm cos you know, kids nowadays, they get shy and all. but they made it!! and are completely in love. and the boy is secretly fantisizing about their little curly red-headed kids. we're always a little ahead of ourselves. but yayyy!! completely stoked!! he just wrote to say "they" are already planning a visit to japan soon!! *jumps in excitement!!*

hurray to love!! :)


  1. Lucky u.. we went there too while we were in Japan and it was a Sunday and all but we saw none! So sad. We only saw people jogging and walking their dogs!

  2. were you too early? they were everywhere yesterday!! even tho i had my make up on, felt a little concious that i was the only girl around w/o faux eyelashes!
    love your korea pictures.. i miss that place...

  3. clue man...
    Thanks! I miss it too...My trips there are always way too short...

  4. at least you get paid to go there.. i have to wait for cheap airfares and pay my entire way there!!! :)
    but my bestie is visiting over christmas!! im convincing her to bring my a tonne of corn tea! :)


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