Friday, October 22, 2010

friend + enemy = frenemy

a while ago, it was absolutely necessary to teach mum the word "frenemy". she loves it now! but back then i had to explain to her what sorta person deserves that tag. and my poor mum, bless her heart, who doesn't have an inch of bitchiness in her, needed examples.

and this explained it real good!

this really gets me. makes me wonder why one bothers to keep a frenemy close to your own life, huh?

{picture from taryn cox the wife}



    This might be what you're looking for. ;)

  2. or maybe they don't hate each other tt much to be enemies.

  3. my colleague explained frenemy as "someone whom you dun particularly like but still have to keep up the friendly facade for _____ reasons", and you greet that person with a "ohh hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" (wearing a super wide smile) + a little wave every time you see him/her.

  4. just for some variety! someone to feel angry at, so we can grumble a bit. someone to laugh at and makes us all happier... i guess i better stay anonymous. haha

  5. wah.. super cheem!! :) but i see what you're saying!

  6. maybe they have super good redeeming factors.. good point! :)

  7. absolutely spot on!! however nasty it sounds! :)
    you sound like you have someone in mind!! *wink*

  8. eeee.... so scary. i can't deal with that..
    maybe thats why i don't have colleagues and hate smoozing at d's work events!

  9. haha wells it doesnt only apply to work place dearie =)


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