Friday, October 22, 2010

bento, anyone?

the boy's work gets pretty crazy at times. there are days where he'd goes the whole day on a coffee and some saltine crackers. meanwhile, im at home fixing up a storm with side-dishes and decorative salads. and thats just my breakfast. so this week, (our of guilt..) i jumped on the bento bandwagon. for the uninitiated, bentos are home-packed lunch boxes filled with goodness, typically very creative in food display too! i convinced myself it was just another craft/project im working with..

there are many theories on how to pack bentos. i won't bore you but some say you need a little something from the mountain, the sea and the land. but we don't do fish in this household. some say you need to cover all your colours of the rainbow in a bento. i've not gotten there yet but its an interesting read on how to balance your nutrition all in a bento packed with power.

but japan is the BEST place to start your bento practice! (ahem.. just to sound a little more serious) cos its the land of uber cute lunch boxes, little accessories and bento sized food types in all combis (convenient stores)... it has been so easy making bentos for daniel im thinking to start packing myself a snack one when i go to work!! it has taken me less than 10 mins each day to pack the boxes.

of course, it doesn't look like this yet...

but one day it will !!! :) meanwhile, i'll just fight my battles and do the mummy-thang and sneak in a little bit of string cheese into the boy's lunch, hide some sliced fruit and disguise the egg as pooh bear. cos you know? he'd never find out! :)

watch me blaze the path to domestic goddessness!!

{picture from another lunch}


  1. I've seen some sites where they do the prettiest bentos but can't rem them now... my only problem is that i suck at cooking rice :( which is one of the key things they use to mould into these amazing creations...damn that rice :)

  2. im sure D's collys will ooh and ahh at his home-made bento when he brings it!! ;)

  3. aww so sweet!!! i think cooking/ making meals is one of the things that i will NEVER dabble into... so lazy hahaha
    btw you found a job??? congrats!!!!

  4. send them over when you find them again! :) im collecting bento sites & home decor site. to replace the hollowness in my post-wedding life! (just kidding!! i still read wedding sites all the time!! *runs and hides*)
    haha.. share with a secret. this week we're living w/o a rice cooker so im cooking with instant rice. ie those in pre-package portions! haha. pop into microwave and voila! :)

  5. hahaha!! :) either that or they will shun him and think its "gay" and not take him to lunch.
    kidding! :) sometimes if he goes out for business lunch he eats his bento as breakfast or late tea! all good cos he needs some fattening! can't be caught with a skinny husband the next time the mother in law visits!! gambatte! :)

  6. arigato! :)
    glad i can come up with a response with my 4 word japanese dicitonary! :)

  7. really? i reckon you'll be great at it! :) you make play doh right? if you can do that, you can do anything!! (speaking from failed play doh experiment)
    yes i found a job teaching! how weird... talk about crossing careers! actually teaching's SUPER awesome in japan.wanna come?

  8. haha silly girl. =)
    ya man, the husband cannot be of a skinner frame than the wife!!

  9. omg!!! How cute are the Japanese bentos??? They are sooo creative!! I'm sure soon enough, you'll be making kick ass looking bentos =)

  10. So cute! So adorable and creative!
    I really love bentos and the way they are presented. And I can say that I'm in love with bentos. I hope I could make one. Oh by the way, you might like to try using stainless steel tiffin bento container. It is really safe to use, reusable, durable andn eco-friendly to boot. Try it. I know you're going to love it as well.

  11. Re: So cute! So adorable and creative!
    oh! :) great.. looks cute! :)


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