Thursday, September 23, 2010

wedding: speeches & such

onward marching soldier!! :)

after our formal introduction into the reception, we were settled in and went on to enjoy a lovely three course dinner. one thing we were certain we didn't scrimp on was food. i reckon thats really one of the most important things in a wedding and universally appreciated. so we paid extra attention to make sure the quality and variety was up to scratch. we later received raving reviews for the food but i was less keen on the dessert. maybe because by the time i got to mine, my icecream was all gooey.. which is, im my world, a bad thing. a very bad thing.. :(

our bridal table. we had the most fun surrounded by our best man & maid of honour.

frankly, it would have been perfect if we could fit the entire bridal party but we really wanted to seat everyone with their partners so we pared back and kept it simple. turned out great cos we had a ball at our bridal table chatting up a storm...

its kinda different when you're seated with the family, a-la-singaporean style. i love our extended family and grampies but i guess its just more formal and stiff, as we learnt two weeks later...

we started with family speeches. dad started the ball rolling with an great speech spilling beans on his darling child, daniel. :)

then my awesome brother, teng, gave his excellent speech.. 
song was there for moral support.

i love it how when the both of them panic, they revert back to their default accents. hahaha.. and of course, my dear brother had to end his speech with "jie, this angmoh... CAN!!" sending the singaporean half of the crowd laughing their heads off. :)

had us laughing and crying at the same time. it was confusing..

our special father-daughter dance to "daddy's little girl"..

hi pa & ma!! mum also changed into her dancing dress! she is hilarious. she had more change of clothes than i did. *sigh*

then our best man, david, spoke beautifully...

and our maid of honour, deaf delivered the classic best-friend speech
and everyone spoke with the assistance of their iphone. hilarious!

our friends took over the dance floor with a sizzling hot salsa number and got the party started.
more later!! headed out for brunch at il lido! :) *hmmm*

have a lovely thursday, folks!!! weekend's almost here!!


  1. Is your blue-do to go along with the something blue theme? Lovely feather headpiece :)
    Your parents look SO cute!

  2. your parents are SO sporting!!
    the blue gown is a stunner hunz!

  3. It looks like someone else has already said it, but yup, you look lovely in that blue gown! Sounds like a fantastic wedding you had! :)

  4. hahaha not intentionally... my gartner had a touch of blue in it! that was my bit of blue! :) thanks!! mum made it for me!! :)
    my parents are hilarious!! hope to grow old like them!

  5. my parents are hilarious!! they really ok-ed many of my crazy non-traditional ideas (only with the promise that i will do it properly in singapore) and had a ball.. wait till you see them on the dance floor.
    thanks babe! the blue dress is a gift from the mother in law from carla zampatti, an australian designer. she's got great taste!!

  6. xie xie ni! :) it was a multiway dress that i can wear it in 6 ways!! completely off the rack and the silk is so comfy and drapey!! i can't wait to wear it to many other parties!!! :)
    not perfect, but we had a great time partying!

  7. babe.. i just realied that ive been leaving comments on your blog for ages but nothing appears. did you diable comments or am i doing it wrong?
    p.s. thinking of moving to blogspot. what do you think?


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