Thursday, September 9, 2010

wedding: decor & our wedding elves

our wedding ceremony and reception was in the evening so we had very little happening in the day.

the evening before, my mum wanted to spend some time with me alone and comb my hair (in the traditional chinese customary way) so i packed a quick overnight bag and slept over with my family. They had a huge serviced apartment in town near to all my aunt and uncle, cousins and kids so it was so hard to sleep early the night before!! But it was fun and a little nostalgic.

the very next morning, Daniel drove over to "pick me up". We had a quick brunch with my family to calm our nerves and off we went. Its hilarious, i wish i took a picture of our rented vehicle. Normal people get Bentleys, BMW convertibles and vintage fancy whatnots, we rented a huge-ass people mover. Practical move for our post-wedding getaway but on hindsight, not the sexiest wedding car in history!!

then we mucked around the home, running through our extensive checklist, i refreshed the flowers a million times, brushed my teeth 4 times and paced down the hallway so many times it made our photographer yixin nervous too. In my mind, i kept asking myself "what have we forgotten?" and it made me so clammy. I read my wedding folder a million times. Nada. We were all set. No last minute cancellations, we had 100% turn out! *phew* When the clock struck 2pm, we moved everything into our people-mover, in a methodical fashion and off we went. So prompt we were ahead of schedule..

the first thing we saw when we got to our venue - our cake

and i knew everything was gonna be A-ok. this was the ONE thing i was SUPER worried about... turned out exactly how i wanted it to. thanks, oakleigh cakes! *double phew*

then my girlies came to help set up, and peace on earth was restored.

i don't know if everyone has a certain someone that makes you feel better all the time, no matter what. im a very very lucky girl. i have a whole group of friends who really makes everything seem easypeasy. and drives all the fear and anxiety away and held the tears at bay. like magic. they were great to have around. ok. im such a baby. it makes me tear even writing about it. *sigh*

back to happy things...

then, i got into work mode, placed flowers, petals, table numbers and miscellaneous decorative things around the venue.

the wedding elves also burst into activity. this is why despite sounding like nazis, we insisted on printing the 15 page itinerary and set-up guide for our bridal party. the dancers rehearsed, the musicians strummed away and the helpers all snapped into an army-like precision that would have made my boss proud.

our vintage hankies & shawls.. it was super cool to see all the wedding ideas come to life!! super winner at the party!

our very extensive reception/ welcome table filled with wedding knick-knacks...

i might have shed a few tears when my wedding programs (and jerine) arrived...

(see our metal ampersand standing tall and straight!!! i was a proud mama!)

lovingly assembled by dick and justin... who spent the afternoon covered with pink lace of all sorts.. so love.

i owe you BIG time...

remember our escort cards, here? perfection!! calligraphed by the very talented dick!!

my talented and adorable cousin, youjing, who did up all my flowers the day before, also helped me fluffed and attached our tulle pomanders along the aisle. in less than 2 hours, the venue was wedding-ready. at this point, we were still ahead of schedule. go team! :)

take a sneak peek into the mayhem behind these doors tomorrow! :)

meanwhile, im popping out to meet a special someone for dinner! can't wait! xxx

{all pictures from picscanfly}


  1. I love love your DIY knick knacks! =)
    I also made the mustache for photo taking purpose and it was so so fun!=)

  2. "meanwhile, im popping out to meet a special someone for dinner! can't wait! xxx" Aww!! Totally felt and feeling the same way!
    I'm really loving the trippy eye googles! I tried taking pics through it last night but failed. :( I think cos I only had one candle burning so it wasn't enough?

  3. teehee!! :) glad you like it..
    you have to be in a relatively dark place and the candle has to be very bright (and not diffused), many guests too had pictures with their digital camera, not only the DSLRs!!
    if that fails, i guess you just gotta enjoy it as it is and wear it around town! (just kiddding!!!!)
    love love!!

  4. hahaha.. they're so crazy and fun to make!! so little effort and you get so many awesome pictures!!
    definitely must-have at wedding!! :) :) :)

  5. I was just thinking... Can you imagine the number of hearts you'll see if you wear it and look at the Christmas lights on Orchard Road?! Wow!

  6. that would be madness!!! you'll have to tell me how that looks then!! :) :)


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