Friday, September 24, 2010

wedding: and they danced by the light of the moon..

with all the formalities out of the way, we were knew our job was done and we were ECSTATIC!!

however, we did make a small booboo that was caught by our lovely groomschick, we had forgotten to CUT THE CAKE!!! after months and months of chasing the designer and painting my topper, we didn't wanna cut the cake!!! god bless alice's sharp brain and her 15-page itinerary tucked under her napkin!! oooops!!! we ran over to our cake, used our awesome cake-knife-that-did-not-look-like-a-steak-knife, did the fastest cake cutting and scooted back on the dancefloor. oh well... back to the dancing..

this is truthfully my favorite part of the entire wedding. for real. it totally made it awesome!!

we started the dancing with some salsa!!! very civilized sorta dancing... check out our friend in the background.. intense! :)

"rahrahromamaaaa, gaga ohlalaaaaa" started screaming like a few schoolgirls!! me and my homies rocking the dancefloor...

daniel & his girls busting some moves..

putting our bollywood moves to the test with "jai-ho"..

disco train!!

my ultimate FAVORITE shot from the entire evening.. when yi ma joined in the dancing!! awesome...

the young ones gave us a run for our money!! these seasoned clubbers sure knew how to party...

at some point i had to stop and take a breather cos i was perspiring so much it was gross to hug. even in the dead of winter with full a/c on!! insanity!! at that point, i had no idea i was gonna ache for days..

it was dead obvious where we got our dancing genes from.. mom and her bffs completely ruled the dancefloor..

the dancing queens strutting their stuff...

they even pulled together a last minute waltz number to some sappy mariah carey song dedicated to the groom. apparantly that was the song that mum was dancing to when daniel first picked her up from dancing!! it was all very sweet (and awfuly show-offish!!) but frankly there was absolutely no competition!! and the ladies knew that...

urm.. is suman wearing a fairy ring!! :) oh... i love group hugs!!

mama, thank you for everything...

*bounce bounce* little energizer bunny & kara-ok king are married!! :)

i promise i'm almost done. for real. i'll squeeze the singaporean-do into one entry and one last one for vendor credits & thank you's! :) some of you have also emailed me asking for information about this and that! im more than happy to share! i'll add your requests in the last wedding post. thanks for the sweet comments and emails!! its super encouraging to hear that someone else liked our details as much as we did!! and for the others, thanks for indulging. will round up the wedding recaps soon and move on with life! 

xx for the friday,


  1. girl, you've had the most awesome wedding ever!

  2. such a lovely wedding, plus it looks fun too! thanks for sharing your photos :)

  3. Zhing,
    I love your expression in that Bollywood dance pic! You looked like you had all the moves under your belt. So funny and fun!
    Thanks for sharing the pictures! I love post wedding dancing! Totally releases the stress outta the whole evening when its boogie time.
    Enjoy your weekend Mrs Allender!

  4. I want your blog to exist when Megan gets married, then MAcy. I want their wedding to be just like this.... :)

  5. thanks love!! all we did was selfishly picked the things we enjoyed doing and force them on our guests!!!
    btw your FB msg made my night!! :) im gonna steal that liner from you next time! *wink*

  6. teehee! :) thanks! we had a blast..
    but i had a bridesmaid run up to me on the dancefloor to mop my forehead with a napkin.. such "unbridely" behavior!! :)

  7. every wedding should have dancing!! :) at least thats what my photographer told us at the end of the evening!
    it was such great fun it made the spore party (2 weeks later) seem like quite a blah and letdown.. *hush* don't tell my grandparents that, they'll be sad!!!
    have a lovely weeekend too, dear!!!
    p.s. you should blog! i would love to hear about your life too!! xx

  8. hahaha!! i'll subtly write emails to them then and give them ideas! :) or get anna to help if she is still in the business!! she makes every wedding a true celebration!!
    im sure you and ed will be disco king & queen! :) it would be hard to tell who's the bride/groom! :)

  9. ideas for your own!! :) :) :)
    its sooo funny to see some of your more conservative relatives working the dancefloor!! we totally cracked up when someone told me "check out your FIL!! he is in the middle of a dance circle!!"
    hilarious! worth every penny!

  10. Hey, 1st time
    Hi Zhing,
    I stumbled across your blog and is lovely, I felt like a wedding site it seemed to be :) It is interesting and intriguing to read your blog because I myself are getting married this November. However, our wedding will be at the Paradise, although not similar but is great to get some inspiration from your blog :) I love your blog :) - Charlene from Ireland.

  11. Re: Hey, 1st time
    hey charlene,
    thanks so much for reading! :) paradise sounds too lovely!! :) and glad to share my wedding!!
    hope you have a blast and have as great memories as i do!!!
    best of luck and lots of love, xx

  12. there are little sobby bits here and there that are hard, i just don't write bout it cos i try to erase that from my memory! hah! :)


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