Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the red shoes.

The little princess stood on a balcony so that (everyone) could see her, dressed in white. She had no train or golden crown, but she was wearing beautiful red shoes made of morocco leather.. There was nothing like those red shoes in tall the world!

- Hans Christian Anderson (1805 - 1875), a Danish writer.


  1. so so pretty, right!! maybe a gift for yourself after the baby is born!! :)

  2. innit?? i can't wait to see your designs!

  3. oh man! if only im not on a shoe ban!!!

  4. me n daniel have a bet, whoever buys the first pair of shoes/computer cable (him & me respectively) has to clean up dog poop for 1 year!!!
    im determined to win.

  5. "whoever buys the first pair of shoes/computer cable (him & me respectively)" -- sweetie, i think its the other way around?!?!?!
    1 year?!?!?!?! OMG, ok please win!! haahhahaha =)
    what happens if both didnt buy their respective item within that year? do you guys continue it into the 2nd year??

  6. sorry sorry!! yes the other way around... i would NEVER buy cables. boring.
    haha.. urm. it is impossible tha we won't buy either in one year. i think he will lose though. we're setting up a new house. by hook or by crook we'll definitely need new cables. so im standing strong! :)

  7. i can imagine you yawning as you type "i would NEVER buy cables. boring."
    lol then its not fair~~ cables for the house is OK lah!

  8. a bet is a bet. im planning to stick to it. there is no way im cleaning poop for one year! :)


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