Wednesday, September 29, 2010

on turning 28..

when i was a little girl, we used to play "when i grow up, i wanna be.." and for the longest time, i wanted to me a mommy of 6. i used to kid around about having half a soccer team, without know how many it take to play soccer.. and i wanted to get married when i turned 21. in my church (st andrews cathedral) with a long long train. which totally made sense cos at that time i also thought i was gonna marry my 14-yo-boyfriend so by then we'd have already dated for way too long. i giggle a little when i think of these plans!

then i grew up an everything changed. im very grateful that im in a (very) good place now in life and i can't wait to explore whats in place for me. please please please be good to me, god! i have a weak heart!! :) i promise i'll be always thankful and do heaps of good things!!

things im thankful for:
- my family back home.
who is really how i got where i am now... i love it that your idea of a good birthday present is a long chrissy vacation from everyone. i can't think of anything i NEED more than that. can we keep doing this for life?
- the exciting birthday plans
we're seeing more apartments in town. packing a french picnic for lunch. hit the stores. visit our favorite sushi joint. salsa/swing dance a date in this cosy cute little cafe near our serviced apartment. omg im so so excited!!
- friends
who make farewells so difficult to deal with. you'd think at some point, after leaving them so often and so frequently, they'd chill out a little. but they still hold as tight as ever to me. and for that, i really really am grateful.
-  my shoe collection
who made it here ok! and totally bursting out of our little balcony (!!)
- my toilet seat
im getting nicely acquainted with you.. but go easy on the squirting, i still find that bit awkward..
- all things girly, cutey, pink, decorative... fine china, oil clothes, craft tools..
i love you still!!!!
- the husband
whose research folder is filled with directions on how to get to my 7-level fabric store, dance classes, nice homeware stores and only aim is to properly settle me into my japanese life. and for getting more excited that the ranunculus is in season, than the latest iphone is in stores. you're a cutie!!

and im looking forward to:

1) working on a great name for our own puppy
2) moving into our new home
3) living in our zen minimalist home stocked with muji wares.. my long-time dream, its really now or never..
4) FINALLY looking like those cute girls in jap hair magazines. (or so i wish. i constantly forget that i still inherently have wispy messy curls, same one i've had since i was two. but can't hurt to be optimistic!!
5) taking over the world!!! :)

have a luxurious & long cuppucino on me today! i'll be thinking of you! xx


  1. Happy birthday babe! Welcome to the world of 28 year-olds. Things get even better from here! Have fun in Tokyo!

  2. oh yes it's your birthday! Have a great one!! Love reading about your life! Keep posting hunny!

  3. Happy birthday Hun!! Settle in soon and enjoy japan! :)

  4. Happy blessed birthday! You got me all excited to read about your upcoming adventures cos it's Japan! Omgggg... so much good food there!

  5. Happy birthday Sweetie! May your life continue to be exciting and joyful. xx

  6. happy birthday zhing!!!! xoxo from Hong Kong :)

    Great to have known you. We should meet one day :)

  8. Happy Birthday Sweetie! Glad u have settle down in Tokyo, post more, will miss u much :)

  9. blessed birthday hunz!
    love this cheongsam! tong tong's?

  10. thanks ma dear!! :)
    this one is really fun (and no ironing needed!!) got it from holland-v! relatively inexpensive too! :)

  11. thanks joan!! :) getting older by the day...

  12. thanks love!!!
    still settling down with patchy internet!!! :) :) you too! :) then i can keep up with your life and your dolls! :)

  13. its 2nd floor called cheongsam shoppe.. i think!! :) the spelling could be a little wrong. but hard to miss!!!
    its holland v in the windmill shoppping mall. happy shopping!!!

  14. oh mine... u live near tokyo hands??

  15. =)
    Happy bday dear~~ remember to have daniel cook you a bowl of meesuah with egg =) *hugs*

  16. thanks sweetie!!!
    yes we should! if and when you drop by tokyo, just holler!!

  17. I WISH!!! i told daniel if he can find me an apartment NEXT to tokyu hands. i'll move in regardless of rent.
    im walking distance away! :) :) but thats just serviced apartment.
    p.s. do you think i can make my own curtains? or too much work??

  18. Re: =)
    hmmm.. ramen with half egg counts? we had that for lunchies!!
    i love you!! thanks for the well wishes. im getting to your email in about 1 hour. im flooded with emails and am panicky with job interview tomorrow..
    if i dont' get it will you treat me to carls junior milkshake when i come home? if i do, i will treat you. :)

  19. thanks sweetie.. i love reading bout yours too! you're living OUR dream...
    one day we'll be there too!! :) :) :)

  20. for real? i'll take your word for it!! :)
    love to the family and the bub! :)

  21. thanks love!! older and older by the minute!

  22. thanks love... i really CAN"T wait to settle in!! :)
    serviced apartments & hotels is just not home!!

  23. hahaha yes its japan!! :) im still in holiday mode but i suspect the excitement will wear off when i actually have to read japanese and figure out my way alone in the subway!!! :)
    thanks for your birthday wishes! if you need anything from japan or any recommendations, email me!! i can mail it back to you! :)

  24. thank you so much for your well wishes!! :)

  25. Happy Belated Birthday! We are of the same age!

  26. Happy birthday dear! Have a great one!! :)

  27. thanks love!! is it chilly in london yet??
    its starting to get cold in tokyo!

  28. thanks dear...
    we are? you look much younger!! and you know wenmei!! we were high sch friends! :) her zach is super cute!! do your kids play together??

  29. happy birthday!!!! :) here's to a beautiful beginning in japan with your hubby!! :)

  30. thanks love! :)
    trying to calm down a little, it is a complete case of little sensory overload! im running on adrenalin the whole day!!!

  31. oh yes, it is pretty chilly here. Have been raining here and there, but that is to be expected of London, right? haha. Temp is around 10-18ish (if we are lucky), but I love it. It's like natural aircon, 'cept when the wind blows then it's just cold.
    Time to stock up on your pretty boots and winter wear. The Tokyo chicks either go all out with their trenches and boots, or do the exact opposite and wear super-short skirts with knee-high socks. Still don't know how they manage THAT? Have fun!

  32. i have no idea too!! :) im such a wussy singaporean girl. im already wearing my puffer jacket in 19 degrees. hahahahaha
    *beeeeg hugs* from across the oceans! :) xx

  33. Re: =)
    does carls jr have good milkshake? as far as i've heard...billy bombs has good ones~ but whether or not u get it...i'll treat u!!!! just come home soon =)))

  34. Re: =)
    okie!! i will!!!
    hmmmm billy bombers!!! hmmm....


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