Thursday, September 23, 2010

the men in my life..

are freakin' awesome...

and im utterly spoilt rotten by them. i've said it more than once, and i will say it again. my dad is the best. he is the first person on my phone for anything. (sorry, husband!) i recently got into a minor car accident, the other driver's fault, not mine. it was complete rubbish but i was so mad because i was just meters away from my front gate. called my dad at unearthly hours and he came running out in his home-shorts, a digital camera and told the (bad) man to stop arguing, we'll just report the case. two hours later, intimidated by potential insurance claims and my really-fierce dad, the (bad and guilty) man came back and paid in full. my dad is my hero. forever.

just yesterday, dad sent out an unfortunate email reading:

"hi everyone, i am diagnosed with cataract, but the doc's suggestion is to do nothing. which means that you may be too (sorry). please see excellent presentation on eye care attached. regards, dad".

thats how we roll in this family. we send out formal emails for every(single)thing. the dog ate a bird, someone got on the dean's list, the washing machine exploded and the dogs were rolling in soap, someone's mum burnt the pot again making soup, this and that... but this one, no one responded. for all i know the powerpoint might have excellent information but i could only pick out scary words like "loss of eye" and horridly nasty pictures of gooey diseased eyes. its my personal recommendation to everyone NEVER EVER google-image "cataracts". anyway, i proceeded to cry my eyes out and immediately walked out to buy a fridge-full of brocolli (vit. A), fruit (vit. C) and fish for him. i frankly thought he was going to die and didn't talk to him all night cos i couldn't deal with it. but i did make him fruit kebabs today to force feed him grapes.. sadness..

but the very next morning, my brother sent another email, just to me this time. and it read:

"knowing you, i wanted to talk about dad's email. His type of cataract is a natural ageing of the lens of his eyes. there is a familial link to that type of cataract, but its neither strong nor direct, so be assured that your risk is not significantly higher than the next person. By his age, its quite normal to find cataract. Also, dad is not going to go blind, he is probably at a very early stage and the later stages can be treated surgically, so don't worry."

*sigh* men. can't live without them.


  1. dadster will be fine!
    keeping him in my prayers! :)

  2. It's really cool that you all are so close and tight. I hope you're not as freaked out now. xx

  3. You have a very very sweet family!

  4. im so very lucky that we're close like that!
    i hope our future family will bond as tightly together... :)

  5. thanks love!
    hope the cataract stayed the same. or miraculously disappear. *shrug* not sure if thats possible too! :) :)

  6. better now with the cataract but still not so good at dealing with death... im really such a wuss.. *sigh*
    i love it that our family is so tight, it really makes home the one solid depending constant in everyone's life. :)

  7. My family's like yours :P We send out emails that are hilarious and we spend half the time dissing one another. My sister signs off as the 'organizing director' when she arranges a dinner and my dad calls me my dog's step sister -_-
    Hope your dad's eye will be okay.

  8. thats really nice!! :) hahahaha our dog's step sis! hilarious!!
    i love your family!! :) its kinda nice to be surrounded by a strong solid family like that, isn't it. you know at the end of the day you come back to people who love you regardless. thank you, god.

  9. I am sure your dad will be fine :)
    And I love your wedding theme and setting; and the sweetness, coziness of it all made meaningful by family and friends :) I am sure u will have many fond memories:)

  10. hope so hope so! so scary when parents start getting old and falling ill. and i feel extra guilty cos we're not around to take care of them.. :*(
    thanks love! :) we have such great memories! whoever said weddings were boring & tedious!! i had a ball planning it!! and would do it all over again if i had the chance!!

  11. Don't worry sweetie! Your clever brother is absolutely right, cataracts are a normal part of ageing (like wrinkles and grey hairs, unfortunately) and the surgery is incredibly fuss-free. 15 min and you're out of there. Gosh I can't believe you got so upset over it poor thing!! Lemme know if you have any other questions 'kay, I'm based at the Singapore National Eye Centre. x

  12. oh thank you thank you! i feel better hearing it from a certified not a half-arse almost going to be professional doctor!!! :) :) :)
    yes, im dramatic like that! its kinda daunting with all these medical scares when your parents grow older. i had a mini-meltdown a while back when they thought my mum had a heart irregularity or something mammoth sounding like that..
    thanks thanks thanksss!!!


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