Saturday, September 25, 2010

have a blessed weekend!

i've heard this from more than once that im living THE dream. im essentially an expat tai-tai with no children, no responsibilities and no, i don't do housework. with an excellent husband who is an equally keen shopper and footwear enthusiast, the shopping sky is the limit. we travel heaps to see the world. sounds perfect in theory.

but my one big pet peeve is having to leave my career behind. something i feel so in love with. i think its something to do with me measuring my self-worth with the job i hold. earlier this week at the japanese embassy, we were filling out our visa when we came to the "job" part. *silence* for once, i didn't have anything to write so i reluctantly ticked the "dependant" box. there it was. in black and white. i was a dependant. isn't that a nicer way to say im there as a plus one? an extra? that i leech off my white man? such a stereotype!!

boy, did that affect my day. i had a mini meltdown and that very evening, i left daniel to pack while i cleaned up my resume and sent it to the school my friends, tricia & mel, worked in. thought to give it a far shot. they were great and followed up with a pre-interview questionnaire. i was so stoked.

then i sent through the completed questionnaire and more information and waited. it was the weekend but i checked my emails a million times. i was told to chill out and wait till monday. monday came and went and i was so sad i hardly ate (!!) until daniel decided to check on japanese public holidays on google. low and behold, it was a public holiday!! *does a jiggley dance then crumble into bed with tears of relief* drama-queen...

needless to say, they got back to me on tuesday (yayy for japanese efficiency), i was asked for an interview a day after i touch down in tokyo and if they still like me, despite my lack of experience and my non-typical english-native-speaker ethnicity, i'll start work before the husband does. at this point, daniel is rolling his eyes because he was counting on me settle in properly, find my bearings and help out with the apartment search. find language classes and all those things you have to do when you first move. but this wife would rather jump right in and work her ass off.

*le sigh*

anyway.. wish me luck! xxx


  1. I get what you mean about the leeching-off-white-man thing.
    It really irritates me when people are ***SHOCKED*** that my company moved ME as an expat.. and Chris, a white guy, was the trailing spouse. Some have even asked me to repeat myself or gone "omg... really?!" like the world has gone topsy-turvy.
    G'luck with your job search! Perhaps find a part time role so you can still enjoy time off? :)

  2. You are SUPER lucky!! I have sent at least 50 resumes to different schools in Japan and none ever got back to me.... :(

  3. All the best babe. I am sure you'll do just great at the interview :)

  4. awesome lah babe! im sure they'll take you!

  5. *fingers crossed* hope they don't ask me to show them a lesson plan!! i will be totally lost for words!

  6. thanks hon! :)
    i reckon having a job (part time or full..) will help me fit better into a new country! new friends, new challenges! :)

  7. for real??? i'll let you know if i successfully get hired into this school! if so, i'll give you the contact!!
    a few of my (singaporean) friends worked there and had a great time!
    are you living in tokyo, dear?

  8. thanks sweets!! im so embarrassed that im such a high-strung jobless person!!

  9. lulu says hi!
    you'll be okay! they won't ask you for lesson plans or to give a demo lesson... it's more of making sure you're normal, have some personality and can speak english. just have some coffee in the morning, be your usual bright cheery self and rock up ready to impress! :) even if for some CRAZY reason you don't get in, there are other language schools i can direct you to... but berlitz is the most prestigious one. :)
    anyways mel has a blog too - just so you know!

  10. hmmmm there might be a possibility! do prepare for it!

  11. Woohoo
    Congratulations, darling!
    Atta girl.
    Prolly comin to Japan in Dec for a snow-cation. Ha.
    If I do, and you're there, we should meet.

  12. I can't imagine myself being jobless either..
    good luck!! keep your first paycheck for yourself ba.. eat more sashimi and sushi on my behalf ok? =)

  13. the woes of the working class girl! :) hahahaha...
    thanks love!!! will eat more and take pictures for you!!! xx
    keep the wedding planning emails coming! i love working on weddings still! even if its not my own!

  14. Re: Woohoo
    yeah!!! please come!! drop me a note when you know your dates!!
    im definitely spending chrissy there! our first japanese christmas! :)

  15. Re: lulu says hi!
    hi lulu!!!! :)
    *fingers crossed* i'll keep you posted once i go! p.s. i used you as my reference so be prepped in case they call to verify that im actually urm... normal! :)
    your package is on its way!!! buzz/email when you get it!!!
    thanks for mel blog!! love to mel & her husband!!

  16. Oh congrats babe...
    And your friend, fellow tricia's blog is really nice! Love the pictures on it.. how i wish my own blog was as awesome as the both of yours :)
    Oh, am in Seoul now and checked out Garosugil which you wrote about and its such an AWESOME street! Loved it so much. How i wish i could sit a little longer there...

  17. tricia is an awesome photographer (and friend!). her blog makes me wanna move to blogspot!! *hmm* livejournal seem to be ultimately rather limiting in design!!
    innit chilly? Im already wearing my puffer jacket in 19 degrees and the jap girlies are in shorts! im such a wuss!!!
    ohhh i love garosugil.. and miss korea so much! :(
    p.s. did the overseas job posting fall through???


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