Friday, September 10, 2010

happy looooong weekend!!

i don't believe its the weekend already! it has been such a short week filled with so many exciting occasions and celebrations! accompanied with one little boo-boo, actually its pretty funny.

daniel, visibly upset, exclaimed after seeing the dentist that he is "no longer a mantou, i'm (he's) now a PAU!!" cos he got his (first ever) filling.. and then later got the news that he had to remove his wisdom teeth in the next 6 months. since we're leaving in a matter of weeks, we figured best to get it ALL done at one go. so poor child is gonna have to spend his last day in the office with chipmunk-esque cheeks. fingers crossed there are no further complications!!! this time, we won't have dental genius, shuen, to fix any post-op problems!!

meanwhile, im already dreaming up a storm - how will our little japanese home look? will it be too little to decorate? maybe i can throw in a few indulgent pieces into our boxes so i can sneak in a pop of colour here and there. the husband might not notice! :)

im starting to collect pictures of inspiring rooms & homes! this one is particularly inspiring! i love how the bold colours blend in so beautifully and despite the multitude of textures and styles, it still fits like a glove without looking too cluttered!! i've also been obsessed with elizabeth bauer's works for the longest time!!

i'm also slightly embarrassed that i still surf the internet for wedding ideas and trends. old habits die hard!!


  1. i dun understand the mantou and pau thing!!

  2. very cold joke that daniel is proud of... pau has filling but mantou doesn't!
    *silence* -_-

  3. ahahahhaha ohmannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn *_*


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