Sunday, August 29, 2010

wedding party: gifts for our chickies & groomies

if i have not snuck this in gently already... we had 11 bridesmaids (!), 3 groomschick, 2 groomsmen, 1 best man and 1 maid of honor. quite the party already, innit?

but we generally don't believe in eliminating friends just to get a nice even number so we kinda thought that if we told them they'd have to travel down under to attend the wedding, they'll fall off like flies. but this is the BESTest part of the entire wedding. they turned up in full force. i think we've exhausted all our goodwill and will spend the rest of our lives making up to them.

just some little somethings for our peeps:

1) silk clutches for the girl.. i really like the lining of the clutch, just a peek of polka dots..

2) handmade crystal jewellery for the ladies. mum did most of the heavy lifting for this one!! they were gorgeous! and sparkled so much! 

3) handmade hair fascinator for all the girlies. each of them a unique piece.

and for the groomsmen, they received polka dotted bowties and matching pocket squares!! my brother also wore the lego cufflinks we gave them at our ROM party! :)

4) little fairy rings to keep them company through the night.

5) using my brand new stamp pad, i made little thank you cards for our wedding party..

if you saw a little asian girl hiding behind her sunnies in the middle of an overnight flight, sniffling like there is no tomorrow, that would have been me. i only got to it on the plane and cried a bucket working on them. *sigh*

frankly, there was nothing we could have given that would have matched their gift of friendship but i hope they could really tell that we really appreciated their presence on our special day. and we hope one day, we can be as great friends as they are to us.



  1. holy crap that is one big wedding party! well, compared to ours (1 on bride side, 1 on groom side) :P
    Do you have the link for the jewellery? looks divine...

  2. hahaha!!! yeah, its a SUPER long list of bridesmaid. we had to double up at the altar! :)
    my mum made the jewellery!! if she ever opens a store, i'll definitely keep you posted! :)

  3. i love hand-written cards!!
    love the clutches btw! hmmm team groom? theres a lady on D's side?? :P
    whats a hair fascinator?!?!?!?

  4. that's my favorite touch in the entire package! :)
    yeah, daniel has 3 groomschicks! :) and not manly girls. all gorgeous ladies!! his pals from work! :)
    hair fascinators are the rage nowadays, just hair pieces, could be feathered, floral etc.

  5. ahhhhh no wonder team daniel! :) how cute!
    ive got a guy in my gang of 'sisters'! :D
    i see! i really love everything lil bits of your wedding babe!

  6. hahaha!!! i feel so excessive talking about it all the time but i wanna remember all these silly things we did in 50 years to come!! :) :)

  7. its good memory! i love reading about them!

  8. awww... that is so sweet! It's always lovely to receive such thoughtful gifts!

  9. hahaha i had more fun assembling them actually! :)

  10. I will fly down, up or anywhere you will be holding your wedding for you ;) Thanks for having me! muwaks! - Jerine

  11. awwwwwwww.. i love you!!! :) hahaha you're the best! :) *hugs*
    your trip pictures look awesome!


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