Thursday, August 26, 2010

usa 2010: lorreine & mikey's wedding in the evening...

fast forward a few hours into the night, it was time for dinner reception!! and i expected nothing but only the best for lorreine. because she has impeccable taste in life and when it comes to partying and events, this couple knows best!

but i was especially honoured when she told me that throughout the wedding process she made decisions based on what would zhing (WWZD, in her own words) have done!! and quite frankly, i would have done nothing differently! everything was gorgeous!!!

insanity! thats how weddings should look like. ALL the time!

at this point, we were 1 month to our own do and i told daniel, baby, THIS is what i really really want.. a beautifully lit room, a gorgeous white dance floor, tall candelabras and lots lots of sparkles and flowers.. he probably went weak in the knees a little too! :)

excuse the funny clours in each picture. there was strobe lighting all over that changes colour every few seconds!!! to create that party vibe! i loveeeee the centerpieces!! so classy and colurful!

the sweetheart table was out of this WORLD!! it was gorgeous. i was slightly pooped we weren't at the sweetheart tables.. duh! not your wedding, lady!

crystal chandeliers above the dance floor... gorgeous!!

and the wedding cake!! massive and still moist and super tasty! looked gorgeous to me but didn't meet the bride's high high expectations! *tsk* event planners are so hard to please!!! :) :) 

little pots of flowers scattered around the room!!

jealous... i really really wanted napkins!!!

opa and gigi's dance made me cry...

these munchkins were like this the whole night!! so adorable..

stef & me..

before she took over the dance floor.. she is the life of the party!!

need i say more? we got to gaga's "poker face".. so much fun!!

one more civilized shot of us and the bride and groom before the shots!!

thank you for having us!!! we had such a fantastic time at the end of the evening!! everything was perfect!!! and we were also inspired and convinced that every wedding should have an open bar, heaps of loving friends and a lot a lot of dancing!! :)


  1. hunz thats a reallllly sexy dress!! *wolf whistles*
    their wedding looks fab and fun!

  2. ohmygosh it's such a beautiful wedding!
    I love the centerpieces, love the chandeliers, love the napkins!

  3. i got it made in cambodia!! really inexpensively!
    it was a lot of fun!! not like the typical singaporean stiff and boring dinner!!! i was very inspired!! :)

  4. impeccable right!?! she was the bomb!! she did all that with a full time job without taking leave!!!
    i love lighting and didn't even take picture of the cosy corner filled with leather ottoman. very very chic!!

  5. thank you thank you! :) made it in cambodia for $50 or something ridiculous like that!! :)
    i took a picture off the internet from moniuqe lhuillier's collection and she said "done!" hahah! :)

  6. the little girl in the gorgeous dress - meltworthy! And I don't even like kids. Your blog is a detriment to my well being. I swear! As a single girl who previously had no desires for a wedding, my little head is making BIG plans now.

  7. hahahaha!!!! ultimate aim in life - check! :) hahahaha!!
    she's the daughter of the couple and she had a blast that night!! isn't she adorable??


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