Wednesday, August 25, 2010

usa 2010: lorreine & mikey's wedding in the day

while the wedding madness die down, i thought i should quickly write about the rest of our usa trip, before i forget! part of the reason why we made this trip was to share mikey & lorreine's special day!! we took a domesic flight down from NYC to Virginia and drove into town to stay at Portsmouth, a historic town near Norfolk, where the wedding was held. Just for ease of travel, we booked into the same hotel as the reception.

which was great because it meant that we got to hang out with them more often! :) 

daniel hung out with the boys and their beers the morning of the wedding. we were right smack in the middle of world cup then!

and i got to catch these munchkins getting ready for the wedding.. isn't my gigi adorable? she's so grown up now it hurts..

then we walked a few blocks to this amazing church where...

we saw this gorgeous chica get married to the love of her life.. *tear* just like this!

and i nearly died from bouquet-envy. peonies galore..

and fell in love with her handsome page boy..

little gigi loving my prada shades..

and hung out a little with stef's brand new baby, little mikey poteet. he is the cutest boy! i adores lemon slices and pretty girls. just like his daddy!

and there was a few hours before the reception so everyone piled into the bar at our hotel. and since im SUPER lightweight with the drinks, we took a little walk around the historic town and took some pictures! in the morning, i also bumped into a mysterious vintage garage sale in a carpark facility in the middle of nowhere and scored my awesome vintage candle sticks for $4 and a bunch of glass jars. i was also very tempted by the cake stands, vintage records and birdcages but had to get daniel's approval because they were SUPER heavy... so we walked and walked around in circles but didn't find it.. :( :( :( sigh.

maybe just a figment of my imagination.


  1. The 1st pic is hilarious! And the 2nd pic so aww-worthy.
    LOVE PEONIES! Peonies and hydrangeas are absolutely my fave blooms!

  2. gigi is such a poseur. she knows when the camera is pointed at her and she will freeze that pose for you! :) adorable!!
    wahhh!! you have very very expensive taste! :)

  3. Sigh, I'll rather not. I'll be much happier liking the price tags of chrysanthemum instead but alas!
    Are peonies as expensive as hydrangeas or more? But peonies don't look expensive, no? That's why I like them, they look like withering flowers!

  4. haha!!! :) its alright!! im obsessed with ranunculus, equaly pricey but a quarter of the size!! *faint*
    peonies are just as expensive, and even more seasonal than the hydrangeas. actually im totally ok with their price just that both flowers are terrible in the singapore heat. they don't last nicely at all!
    in australia, bushes and bushes of hydrangeas sprout from people's front yard in spring. in abundance!!! im always so tempted to sneak out in the middle of the night to snip!!! :)

  5. I just went to google ranunculus. They look kinda like peonies too, no?
    Wowww, you should totally do that! I'm sure those aussies are so used to their blooms, they won't miss a thing when they see some missing! Hee. When I was working in HK, my office building, Harbour City, would always put up rows and rows of hydrangeas along the pavements during winter and it's a very long building! A lot of budget!

  6. wah... so gian when i see these flowers just scattered in the streets like that!!! :)
    yeah ranunculus look very petal-ful like peonies. but they are like the size of our thumbs. and some look damn messed up and confused and droopy! they're funny flowers la! :)


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