Friday, August 27, 2010

usa 2010: best meal ever!!

even though we love in the world of chilli crabs, i used to talk wistfully about the crabs in america (alaskan crabs). their juicy long legs, how you strip their flesh out with a jiggle, dip it in butter with a squeeze of lemon and down it with beer. i would always have that heavenly gaze when talking about it, which made daniel very curious. for one, im not a seafood fan and quite frankly, not quite a food connoisseur. so for me to talk so animatedly about food is a sure indication that its truly yummy!!

so during our last trip to usa, we were actively looking for the right place to eat crabs. but to no avail. we hit my few favorite joints for crabs but was told they only serve on weekends! :( so we were crabless until the last day. we had a couple hours before we had to catch our plane out from virginia and not much to do. so we asked the front desk lady where she recommends for crabs. she disinterestedly said we could go across the water to "Joe's Crab Shack!". in portsmouth, its separated from norfolk and cheasapeak area by water and unless you wanna drive around it, the only way is by this super slowpoke ferry that costs $3. $3 and about 40 mins later, we arrived at the restaurant. I was instantly disappointed because it looked rundown, a little dodge and the wait-staff were doing jazzercise in the front porch. very very perculiar. but we went in and gave it a go!!

for starters we had a bucket of steamed shrimp!! finger licking good!!!

daniel approves!! but only a prelude to our mains!!

we ordered a bucket of assorted steamed crabs. we had the alaskan king crab, snow crabs and this mysterious dungeness crab. it came in one hot steamy mess with one potato (daniel's) and one corn on the cob (me!!!). all for $24.99. SERIOUSLY!!! sprinkled old bay generously on it to make it SUPER salty and dip it in butter. we were in crab heaven for the whole afternoon. and as expected, the american portions were beyond us!! sipping our beer, enjoying the ghetto view of the bay and their huge military ships, we sat there feeling like millionaires. in dingy old joe's crab shack! who knew!!!

we're huge fans now!!

and in gigi's words "daniel, get a job in amae-rica!!". we'll have this for dindins every single night!! woohoo!!!


  1. My idea of seafood heaven in Amae-rica is Maine lobster dipped in butter with Allagash beer. Mmm.
    This looks good good that I see you forgot to take a photo of the crabs and just went straight for it! Haha!

  2. talking about maine lobster made us mad!! we went to boston. and NO ONE told us that we had to eat lobster! *duh* so we went all the way there and didn't try the famous maine lobster...
    HAHAHAHAH!!!! we totally did. by the time we thought of picture, we already butchered the entire tub of crabs beyond recognition! hahaha!!!!

  3. ahhhh no photos of those crabs?!?!?!?!
    eh babe had i mentioned to you i likey your pair of shades?!?! :)

  4. hahaha we completely forgot about food bloggin, photography, travel archiving when the crabs came to the table!! how typical of us!! :)
    they're from prada!! :) butterfly shades. i first saw them on victoria beckham and was SOLD!!


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