Friday, August 6, 2010


my family just touched down in melbourne this morning. and we've been taking them around town to our favorite food joints. pooped from all the eating!! but awesome to have all our wedding elves all lined up in a factory line! *cough*slave-driver*cough. anyway...

we thank our lucky stars everyday that we’re surrounded by such lovely and talented people. And the best part is, each one of them are so amazingly humble and giving in their lives!
One of daniel’s groom-chicks enthusiastically offered to assist us with our wedding invitations but I had already sent it to print so she sketched us some artwork that we can use for signages of various wedding memoriabilia. Im thinking she meant it as a joke but we incorporated it into our wedding rehearsal invite.
Rehearsal Dinner Card

its not quite my style (obviously) but sometimes, life’s not about having perfect everything. The giggles we got from the invitation was way worth its while!!
Bring it on, rehearsal dinner!



  1. ahahahaha is that a hawaii grass skirt hes wearing??!??!?!?!?

  2. hahaa.. i dunno man! its was a note pad filled with naked men, the empty part is their crotch area where our grooms-lady sketched in leaves in critical areas!!
    hilarious! :)

  3. the notepad comes like this?!?!?! wow kinky!!


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