Sunday, August 8, 2010

one last one!!! :)

"I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance,
A church filled with family and friends.
I asked him what kind of a wedding he wished for,
He said one that would make me his wife."

i realized that this blog has been more of a wedding blog than one of my life! but thats just reflection of the last one year of my life! hah! :) thank you so much for being part of it. it has been an awesome journey! and now, 2 hours before i leave to be married, i feel more ready than ever. and super duper excited.

i'll not be speaking at the wedding because i get teary at anything. when im mad, i cry. when im stressed, i cry. when im touched and happy, i cry. when i (insert any emotion in the world), i cry. so here are a few little things i'd like to say!

to my family, ya. ok. water works.

to my dearest wedding party, its surreal to see so many of you so so far away from home. im indeed humbled.

to my non-wedding party peeps who extended their helping hand whenever i asked, thank you. from the bottom of our heart.

to the ones who have tried but can't make it, we have you with us today.

to tricia, who passed a sweeeet msg thru our photographer, yixin. thanks for thinking of me! :) i was thinking of you the same on 26 jun! :)

to the love of my life, i can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you.



  1. happy wedding day mr & mrs allender!! =)

  2. text me when you are more free-er in singapore kies.. got u a small wedding gift. :)

  3. Congratulations, Mrs A!
    sorry that i couldn't take leave from work/school to join your fabulous wedding (sure looks like wedding of the year to me!!), have fun, love lots and to forever after bliss!

  4. Hearty congratulations!
    Hey darlz,
    I'll be there in spirit! Love love, Mrs Cheng-Allender.
    You cant take the Cheng outta you eh.
    P.S: Meet up when you're back & well-rested. I need ta see the damage.

  5. Have a fantastic day Mrs. Allender! :)

  6. and you actually squeezed in an entry!!
    Happy blessed wedding to both of you! :)

  7. Have an awesome day, Mrs A :)

  8. I can so imagine you having a ball of a time now!!!

  9. i hope you got my hug! i made sure i asked J to hug you a few times for mee.. :) congrats mrs A!

  10. congraturrraaaashoons Mr & Mrs A!!!! can't wait to see the pics.....i'm sure the wedding was faaaaaabulous!

  11. Congrats sweetheart! I'm sure it was a stunning affair and that you looked fab as always, waterworks or not. :)

    NOW I AM TEARY EYED! (are you a Piscean btw?)
    Dearest d + z,
    I'd like to wish Daniel and you a lifetime of happiness. May you both be blessed with loving family members and friends ALL THE TIME. May you both be also blessed with little Daniel and little Zhing in time to come ;)
    GOD bless and keep you both in HIS TENDER loving care always. Cheers to many years of love and romance always babe.
    Tears of joy and tight hugs,

  13. *whew* we survived! :) thanks for your well wishes. we were very very blessed in the company of our family and friends.

    im a libra! :)
    thanks triz again and again! it was a beautiful evening we're both very thankful to be surrounded with so much love! (and friends like you!_
    thank you for your wishes and wish you were there to share it with us! :)

  15. thanks dear!!
    we were just grateful we actually had fun and i did not pick up my minute by minute itinerary the ENTIRE evening! :)

  16. i did. i did! :) and i made sure she snuck a few memoriabilia for you! :)
    xx from freezing cold melbourne!

  17. it was fun! not sure if it was as perfect as i wanted it to be!!!
    but soooper fun! :) we had a blast with our sporting wedding guests. everyone from my yimah to daniel's boss were doing electric waves on the dancefloor. and i still have sore arms from the dancing! weak!

  18. it was great! would do it all over again. except maybe with two hours more dancing and a smaller train (*damn the pseudo ballgown and ruffles!!!!)
    now im worried about the spore one next week....

  19. thank you so much!!! :) i'll be back last week of august!!!

  20. thanks love!!! OMG! i really like your userpic! :)

  21. thanks sweetie..
    loved my nails! and i giggle when i think about what you said about them! :) you're a gem!

  22. Re: Hearty congratulations!
    thanks sweetheart!!! :)
    yes lets catch up! boy so i have stories to tell!

  23. ooo... so sweet of you! i wonder if she is hot-air ballooning right now.. haha, miss her too, but she deserves a good break! so cute that you and her had our colleague's sister as the photographer.. :) yixin is really the nicest photographer..

  24. she just came by our place. and is headed to mornington to ride horses!! :) :)
    yixin is great! :) and so much fun to have around!

  25. You have nothing to worry about! They say 2nd time better isn't it :) And you get to have 2 weddings with the same person! How much fun is that!
    And its next week?! So soon?! You lucky girl

  26. TOO soon! :) i only touchdown on monday and getting married on saturday. the family (and flocks of out of town guests...) arrives on tuesday!! crazy times!


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