Thursday, August 26, 2010

oh kampuchea!!

back when we used to live in cambodia, i used to read the local english papers - cambodian daily. 

they have a fair coverage of international affairs but its the local news that always catches my eyes. sometimes it makes me a little frustrated how things are done but more very frequently it has been the source of many giggles in our household. my all-time favorite is the one about the smashing new office towers not passing safety rules because the local fireman trucks have capabilities to fight fire up to 12 levels tall, leaving the the 28 levels a little less well taken care of. then it lead to the question of how the other locally erected buildings taller than 12 levels passed their safety checks? hmmm...

another one that tickled my fancy recently! click here to zoom in.


  1. vietnam has got funny news too!

  2. ahhhh i must go read!! :) did you come back from vietnam already?
    the super good fares you scored that last time round?

  3. yeaps im back, after some dumb delays from tiger air.
    uh huhs, the super duper cheap tix klkl gotten that time. i MUZ tell you that cheap is no good!

  4. hahaha!! its ok.. some ex tickets also experience delays! :)

  5. thankfully its juz $3.30 all in both ways! else i'll surely write in to Forum and put it on Stomp! :P

  6. Oh no, I dunno who one is funnier, the reporter or the dude who gave the quote about "Because they said no, I don't know what to do." AHAHAHAHHAA

  7. or the boy that said that he cheated cos he is not as good but if he passes, he hopes to study in uni!!! bizaaarrrreee!!!


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