Saturday, August 14, 2010

lesson learnt from outdoor photoshoot...

suede stilettos and sandy beaches, fierce but ... soooo NOT a good idea! :)

who knew!?! :)


  1. ok totally no link to your entry with regards to OD photoshoots.
    but where in Sg can you find a shoe like that? I've been wanting a pair like that but in fuchsia..

  2. yes they dun go well together!!
    the sand will stick to the suede material and spoil the pretty shoes!!

  3. after hours of delicate cleaning and drying on top of the heat vent, the damage is less noticable!
    wonder why i didn't figure that out while taking the pictures!! all i thought was "i need to be TALLER!!!"

  4. if you're referring to these specific louboutins, its a past season so best bet is online. (i've seen pink but not fuscia.., they have blue, red and black satin too!)
    if you're referring to similar shoes in this design.. i've seen MANY similar inspired design all over the place. my client and i spotted a similar design one on by RSVP for only $89!! even with shipping, it beat the prices in sg hands down!!

  5. aiyo poor you!
    lesson learnt, doncha?

  6. managed to revive the shoes after hours of brushing and blowdrying! :) so alllll worth it!!! :)


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