Sunday, July 25, 2010

weekend pretties!

gorgeous gorgeous black and white invitations. brilliant use of typography!! via 100layercake.

on the note of nice stationery, im still a little sore we couldn't afford beautiful letterpressed invites but my didi saved the day with really adorable letterpressed thank you cards! they're precious!! :) i can't wait to send them out!


  1. letterpress is just so so gorgeous.

  2. i know! did you get letterpressed invites??
    i wished it was more affordable in singapore!!! its cheaper to order from USA and ship over.. which seems silly!! so i abandoned the plan!

  3. Nope :(
    Its one of those things that K says people will throw away, so no point. Booo...
    Oh and i wanted to say u didn't have anything pink on your ring pillow!

  4. hahaha true!! i tried with a slim pink ribbon but it looked a little funny.
    i know thats what daniel said too. just wanna tell you that if you had letterpress stationery, i'd definitely keep it under my pillow!


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