Wednesday, July 21, 2010

wedding wants: a super cute picture album!

just as i was slowly striking miscellaneous things off my list of things i NEED, i saw this! isn't it so adorable and chic? im utterly floored by the design of the album and the graphics! even the trim ribbon is gorrrgeoooussss!!! uber cute album by ian photography. while you're at it, check out this couple's equally amazing diy wedding blog at there.and.moving.forward! so beautiful and filled with fun-filled ideas and tips for the diy-bride (and groom).

congrats, hellen & winston! you make planning a wedding seem so effortless and fun!


  1. perfection!! thought you'd appreciate! :)

  2. Thank you Princess Zhing!
    I love them too.. can't wait for the actual day album. Thanks for the comment princess Zhing!


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