Sunday, July 25, 2010

wedding stuff: the venue Quat Quatta

i've been getting the "how are you feeling?" question all week. and to sound cool, my response has been the usual "alright la. im tired." until my brother pointed out, "jie, you're not alright. you're very excited, evidently. why don't you just say it." hmm.. maybe its just a bride thing to say that im stressed, tired and unsure. but dang! im in wedding planner mode. im nothing but all beans, thrilled to see the whole wedding come together and keen to get to the partying!! ever since, i've come to terms with it my mood has been significantly happier!!

it also made my day when a guy friend responded, equally enthusiastically, "im also very excited, zhiying!" :) :) :) its such a blessing to have such lovely friends!!

so its two weeks and counting. so i figured its time to write about the place we chose to get married. we spoke about how we found eventually weeded out the rest and settled for here, but here are more images of where we'd be getting celebrating in two weeks! :)

quat quatta means "little camping ground"! :) 

front entrance where our guests will be dropped off.

through the front door and you get a sneak peek of the dance floor!!

turn to the right, and its the drawing room, where our guests will be enjoying their cocktails.
i absolutely love this room.

i had a dream once, i was in this room, wearing an orange long gown, saying "welcome to my humble home..." to our guests. haha! i woke up to tell daniel that one day i want a home like THIS.

snuck in the corner, is a baby grand, where my god sister will be entertaining the crowd during cocktail hour.

 our marble bar! :)

our dining room. hi mummy!! :)

this is a really funny angle but i love the light fixtures & patterned ceiling! :)

my bridal suite. as you can see from mum's face, we were SOLD at that point!!

im calling dibs on this... just saying!!

thats all folks! we're headed off for intensive dance class and then meeting our best friends for a fancy afternoon tea to celebrate!!!

hope you're having a fantabulous weekend, all! :)


  1. super gorgeous! esp. the bridal suite (love the contrasting colours) and drawing room.

  2. this place is SO you.
    its going to be a lovely wedding.
    so excited for u already

  3. teehee!!! :) im sooo excited too. went for my gazillion fitting today and looked at accessories!!! sooooo fun!! :)

  4. gorgeous right?? and the luxurious fabric was soooooo nice!!!
    it was a dream come true! (minus the cold weather!)

  5. different from a regular hotel in singers, ya? :) i was very pleased when i uncovered this place!!!!

  6. AMAZING. Can I like MOVE IN? *checks bank account* Hmmm, do you think they will like auction it / fire sale it anytime soon? Hehehe. Make sure your photographer takes in every s.i.n.g.l.e. gorgeous bit of this house in your wedding!! :) Your wedding's gonna be wonderful! I can feel it in my bones!!!

  7. innit gorgeous!!!
    if i ever live in a place like that, please move int!!! :) :)
    i'm sure we'll have amazing venue shots! so much to work with!!! and thanks for your vote of confidence. its hanging on a thread since my boss got hospitalized and won't be able to make it to melbourne. we cut back so so much! but it'll still be fun!!

  8. it's such a lovely venue (: definitely gonna be a beautiful wedding! congras!

  9. thanks hon! :) we hope so too!!!
    and most of all, we're hoping our guests will have a blast!!! and dance heaps!!!

  10. wow, dear this place is gorgeous!!!
    Its tough finding the "perfect" location.
    In sg, I am stuck with a few places for my outdoor garden wedding.
    p.s. added you as a friend.

  11. yeah outdoor options in singapore are very limited! :) which is unfortunately cos we have summer all year round!!!

  12. TOOOOOtally different. u'll never find a place like that. niceeee...


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