Wednesday, July 21, 2010

wedding stuff: our rsvps & song list

there are very few things these days that make me truly excited. it's probably cos of the stripes i have on my cheek from a bad threading incident, my unpacked boxes and my stacks of wedding crafts waiting to be shipping to the wedding. but this is not meant to be a ranty post so i'll move on to one of the things that truly makes my day - receiving my RSVPs!!!

i have not shared our invitation suite but one of my best decisions thus far is collecting song requests on our RSVP-postcard! makes receiving them so much fun!! :) we requested they write in a song they'd definitely dance to and use that to form our dance list. i must admit our dancelist is quite the mixbag now, we have waltz to top 40s and even some boyband kara-ok tunes!! but here are some tunes i can't wait to dance to!

i really want "bad romance" but everyone thinks its a bad idea.. bad luck or something. what do you think??

my mum is so excited she has been practicing her bangra dance moves. (truth)

classic!! :)

but here's a list of songs, we will NOT be playing.

our friend's fiance, justin, might unfriend us.

'nuff said.

suman promised to slap us if we play this. we're afraid he might be serious.

what's the worst song you've heard anyone play at a wedding??


  1. Worst Song
    The worst song played at a wedding?
    Can you beat that?? And the worst part was that it was played during the walk-in.
    Shudder. Shudder.
    Till today I get goose bumps.

  2. isn't it kinda random? hahaha....

  3. Re: Worst Song
    hahahahaha!!!! that's HILARIOUS! :)
    i've heard "charriots of fire" too!!!! i reckon thats right up there in the list of songs i would rather not hear on my wedding day!

  4. Seriously NO to 'from this moment'...
    Yay to Jai Ho hahah... though i'm an oldy and would love the drifters anytime : )

  5. i love it too! i have such a varied group of wedding guests.
    is "bad romance" really that unlucky?? its really not that bad right!?!?

  6. i am completely going to ignore who thinks what is a bad idea. i've already got paparazzi and bad romance down on the playlists. i play what we like. it's my/our party. :p

  7. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! CAN"T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!


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