Friday, July 23, 2010

wedding stuff: cake stand

something that made my heart beat faster! :)

thanks daddy-in-law!! you're the bomb!!!

from one of my favorite wed-blogs, the 11th reasons why being married is simply better:

"when people ask us "when are you two going to have a baby?", responding with either "when we need to save the marriage" or "maybe we will make one tonight". It's fun to watch people's reactions."

today, im catching up with my catering sales manager from the raffles, who is awesome, and head over for final dance classes with my dad! :) the end is NEAR!! im too excited for words!!!


  1. i'm excited to see your wedding pics already!

  2. OMG 2 more weeks only! :) only just struck me when you said it!!!! *yikes*

  3. Only have those posted by Lightedpixels so far:!/album.php?aid=17296&id=126680260685503&ref=mf
    By artissan:
    And my cousin's girlfiend:
    oh and i forgot to add... i love that cake stand!!!

  4. oh gosh! you look gorgeous!! :) was the shoot with balloons on your wedding day too???
    great photography too (and of course helps that you guys looked amazing to start!!!)

  5. hahaha... no, i wish!!! but he is getting it for us! :) weehee....

  6. You are too kind.
    I'm expecting you and Daniel's wedding photos to knock me off my seat when i see it :)
    Ya, we got the balloons for the actual day cos we wern't expecting the post wedding shoot.

  7. oh thats a great idea! :) it worked out great!!! love the styling that went into your shots!
    we didn't get a chance for pre-wedding shoot so we're doing a post wedding shoot with yixin!!

  8. oh, yixin shot our actual day too.. along w xiaoting.. yixin did the morning and half of the lunch then xiaoting took over n shot us till the end of the day.. but yixin dont post much pics these days :)

  9. my jaw will dropped if made it lah!!


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