Wednesday, July 14, 2010

wedding crafts: poofs for life!

i love everything sparkley, tulle and little things that remind me of the ballet. as my little tribute to my short-lived ballerina life, i made little poofs using sparkley tulle that i pick up from the market. initially it was just for fun and an experiment then i loved it so much i started incorporating them into the entire wedding theme.

the days of poof making were not fun. the entire house was COVERED from top to toe in sparkles. i promise you this is not an exaggeration. we had sparkles in bed, sparkles in the kitchen, sparkles in the bathtub, in the laundry. those sneaky buggers. my dearest husband, in his spiffy suits, did meet a few clients with a sparkle or two in his hair. couldn't help it. those things are infectious, they just stick on to you.

but we look back now and giggle a little.

back to the craft... on our the wedding week, we're a little time poor. as much as i love fresh flower, im worried that i alone can't pull 12 bridesmaids bouquet off. so my thought was to make everything in advance and whisk them out of ziplocks the morning of, viola, wedding ready. in theory, that's how its meant to work.

sparkle galore.. don't they remind you of tutus?

my genius of a mum turned them into bouquets for bridesmaid. against their black dresses, hopefully it will stand out more. my cousin, edmund, from usa says hi! :)

the littler ones are super fun to make. we strung them into garlands for head table and will probably scatter a few around the tables to soften the centerpieces.

pinned them into a door wreath to welcome our guests. our monogram was blinged by mum.  how wintry! :)

i also made a bunch as aisle flowers but i guess pictures will have to come from the day of. they look a little wonky by themselves now.. :)



  1. hey Zhing :)
    I love reading your DIY projects and stuff and now its so related to my life. I also looking around for ideas and just seeing what I can DIY for my wedding next yr. (hmm.. I thought you had your rom last yr? so what are you planning for? or am I just blur)
    I have a question, would you know where in sg can I purchase a bird cage veil?

  2. hahah!! im planning for my wedding ceremony & reception!! yes i did already ROM last year!
    actual made bird cage veil? or the different bits that you can DIY the veil with? i've seen the tulle at spotlight. but the completed ones, i've only see nice ones at my bridal designer's store - dang! :) otherwise, head over to!! they have AWESOME one!

  3. Hi!
    Hi zhing, I love reading about your wedding craft ideas because u ne'er fail to amaze me with your passion for all these nitty gritty stuff! U.r.amazing. Haha.
    -another silent reader of your blog.

  4. wow the bridesmaids bouquets~ how unique! you are awesome lah babe! :)

  5. Re: Hi!
    oh thanks sweetheart! :) i do love all these small little ways to personalize a wedding!! its a lot of fun to work on these tasks!
    thanks for popping by! leave me a note here and there! its nice to know im not talking to myself all the time!!!

  6. thanks hon! actually credit goes to mum on that one.
    wait till you hear this. she used transparent DVDs (the ones that you get free when you buy a huge stack of DVD) to fix the handle and ribbons so the BMs can hold it straight. amazing.. and it was design so it packs down!!! she is damn smart la, my mama!!!

  7. shocking! how genius is that?!?!?! i usually throw them away without putting much thought! =x

  8. I love all these BTS bits about your wedding! I can't wait to see actual pics of your wedding! I have a huge hunch it's going to be nothing less than *AMAZING!*

  9. :) Ic, you decided on location already??
    I'll check etsy out.
    Doubt I can DIY .. it looks pretty tricky.. and I am bad with needles and threads.. :X
    thanks girl

  10. thanks for your vote of confidence. hope it comes together ok! :)

  11. yeah! :) we're getting in quat quatta, melbourne and returning back to sinagpore for another party in raffles! :)
    hahaha!! :) i'll totally give it a go if i had the time.. see if post wedding i still feel inspired to work on accessories!


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