Sunday, July 18, 2010

usa 2010: sunny afternoon at union square

one of my favorite things in summer is farmer's markets! i love browsing throught their selection of organic juices, artisan cheeses and poke my noses through their selection of home grown flowers!! its like roulette. you never know what catches your fancy that day and dinner would be always a mystery and a brand new cooking experience!! back in my school days, i used to be so spoilt by the ones in switzerland. the cobble-stone streets would be covered with sweet vendors and their carts. they'd almost always have had punnets of berries that would go perfectly with hot churros dipped in chocolate sauce.. bliss!

woah. just realized i sound like a complete auntie.

anyway, we initialy headed over to union square to hit some stores (forever 21, dsw, urban outfitters, etc.) and found an arts & crafts AND farmers market set up right in the middle of the square. it was a sunny afternoon with a light breeze and everyone took off their socks and sat around on the steps. street buskers were weaving through the crowd, just the perfect day to sit out and watch the world revolve around you. so we did!!

peach fuzz


sugar snap peas


gosh the colours!!

we grabbed some sugar snap peas, still warm from the sun and ate them out of the bag!! they were so sweet it was like popping candy!! even daniel who usually opposed to unwashed, uncooked, weird looking vegetables gave it a go!! :) i was so pleased!!!

then we picked up a whole bunch of grocery and lugged them back to brooklyn. then daniel made us all a yummy warm noodle meal that evening, made us all rubbley and happy in the tummy! so much fun.

this moment as i type, my brothers are slaving over our wedding programs. seeing two burly boys slice my gorgeous paper while watching tv makes me very nervous. but must.let.go.


  1. gorgeous colours indeed!!
    im sure the boys will do a fantastic job! ;)

  2. they're a little crooked but its still sweet that they cut hundreds of pages by hand!! :) :)
    no complains!

  3. must let go! :D
    i wish i have little elves like that to help me next time!

  4. you will!! :) you're a nice girl!! you'll be surround by willing elves begging to help!

  5. thanks for the vote of confidence hunz!
    i think its the other way around! haaaaa =)


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