Wednesday, July 14, 2010

usa 2010: some good old american nosh

for the first few days after we got to NYC, our standard response when alex asks what we would like for a meal was - AMERICAN FOOD!! all the cheesy, gooey, deep fried, creamy goodness... just could not get enough!! a few years back, when alex was working in le parker meridian, new york, i remember dropping by this excellent burger place when waiting on him to knock off. turns out this burger place is famous! no wonder i loved it so veryvery much!! 

its really not glamourous, truly a hole in the wall. round the back end of the reservation desk, behind all the swish marble and long mirror hallways, hidden in the corner is this super cute, chintzy burger sign with neon lights with their name - THE BURGER JOINT. the decor is as tacky as it can get, faux shiny wood panelling with sticky little vinyl booths, and walls covered with graffiti of fans around the world, it truly feels like you're back in your favorite high schol hangoutl!! i loved it!! there is always long lines and very little seats available but the food.. omg. i can't even begin!!

yummy burgers = happy me!

their menu is very short but comprehensive. the ordering process is super chopchop and no time for you to hmm and har. dont' even try to ask for special orders. in one of their many boards read "if you don't see it, we don't have it." but im not complaining cos whatever they offer is delicious enough!

i always get the same cheeseburger ($7) with EVERYTHING on top!! and their strawberry milkshakes are to die for! :) yums!!

The Burger Joint
Le Parker Meridien
119 W. 56th Street
New York NY 20019


  1. I concur... Their stuff are so good! This is possibly my favourite burger joint in the world!!!

  2. I'd stop by everytime I'm around Central Park! But brunch at the restaurant across the lobby (Norma's?) is fantastic too!! They had amazing chocolate french toast...

  3. hmm... missing it already. people should do burgers like there all the time!!

  4. oh man!!! I missed out on that! i gues i'll have to go back again soon!

  5. Ok Z,
    now you make me wanna fly all the way to NY just to try that Burger Joint!!

  6. you definitely should!!!
    p.s. triz, we scratched the barong tagalog idea. it was getting too hard and as you can see, im up to my NECK with wedding dingdongs!
    p.p.s. my DAD (who is dead fussy) loves mr ong. and my brothers and friends are headed there next week! weehee i love it when my recommendations turn out great for others..


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