Saturday, July 17, 2010

usa 2010: home of nathan's hotdog

im a SUPER fussy eater. there is a long list of things i won't eat. but when it comes to meat, im as unclassy as it gets. my favorite and almost only meat i like is the ones that come in a hotdog. not those juicy plump bratwurst or aussie hotdogs, but those american mystery meat type! i dedicated my entire 2 years in usa to searching for best hotdogs and the best of the best - nathan's! (imho.)

so naturally, we had to pay homage to its birthplace - coney island.

incidently, we visited the weekend of the nathan's hotdog eating competition. but didn't hang out long enough to watch little japanese men scoff down hotdogs by the 50s!!!

another reason why i love nathans! their old fashioned lemonade!!

transported back in time by the wonder wheel and old-school carnival games..

love the graphics! i wanna use this in a summer-grill out invitation! maybe when we get our own home!

more of coney island, view from the beach!

just yesterday, i was in daniel's office paying a visit, and his local secretary told me that i put on weight. going through the american pictures and our food escapades, it suddenly all made sense! :)


  1. Hotdogs and lemonade.... ohhhhh wants!!

  2. yums hotdogs! i dun like sausages on its own, but give me hotdogs anytime!

  3. i could do with one right now too! *sigh*

  4. thanks babe!! : ) im destressing by talking about the vacation!
    just a thought! should ask jerine to pack you into her melbourne luggage so you can come!! :)

  5. im sadly addicted to that nasty type of sausages. i can eat it with beehoon in the morning or fry it up with fried rice..
    hahahahaha!!! :)

  6. haha.. i want too!!! but she needs the space for all the shopping that she will get to do on the trip. am giving her a map with all my fav hangouts in mel so that she can explore. and told her to hurry up send back the RSVP! :P

  7. awwww. thanks so much, hon!!
    my wedding guests DEFINITELY need a friend like you each. they're TERRIBLE at sending back rsvps. im a little xian... :*(

  8. hmmm fried bee hoon, i like to add those canned pig's trotters in! YUMS :D


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