Saturday, July 10, 2010

USA 2010: gaga concert vs baseball game?

when trip planning, we looked into ticketmaster to see what's on broadway this season. new york is AWESOME like that. and i found out that lady gaga was in town just for ONE day!! *cue "poker face" music & windshield waving moves". im so so crazy about her and her videos its almost uncool.

at the same time, daniel was hyperventilating because he found out some baseball tickets - yankees playing against the seattle mariners. the last time he watched a ball game, he was five and its one of his favorite sports. so it was two happy people bouncing in one very small space. until we found out that the only day we can make either of the events is in fact the exact same day. *sigh*

so we tossed a coin, twisted some arms and bickered incessantly all the way from asia to usa. guess who won?

let there not be any talk in our household who wears the pants!


we took fellow yankees fan, alex, with us for the ball game. it was his first time too!!

and enjoyed EXCELLENT seats with an amazing view right next to the pits (this is daniel trying to make it up BIG TIME!!). i was really hoping someone would catch me a ball.. and like good ballgame cheerios, we had chinese noodles! and beer in souvenier cups, hotdogs chips the full works! it was insane!!! 

my favorite bits were the fun games in between, the cheering and the fun games they threw in!! i LOVE the pitch cleaners dancing to YMCA and jiggled a little from where i was! and i loved singing the american anthem, i think its such a pretty tune. there was not a quiet moment the entire evening! i loved it! i also caught up on baseball history big time with the two boys teaching me everything there is to know. i saw jorge posada, alex rodrigeuz, derek jeter from yankees and ichiro suzuki from mariners. all super cute in person but all i remember now is their dating history. sorry, my brain is just not made for baseball stats! but ya. ichiro suzuki. still super cute.

classic baseball shot from our kickass seats!! 

unfortunately, yankees lost that evening but it was great fun overall. i spent the whole train ride home cheering "let's go, yankees!" and just sayin', if say we were to live in NYC, i'd be happy to watch every single game with the mister. another big plus to get a job here in the big apple, dude! *hint hint*


  1. lovely couple shot! (last one) heh i might add that you are sooo matchy with the grass! :P
    aiya i thought you won!! lady gaga is like WOAH! :D:D

  2. i still think lady gaga is like WOAH @*^$%$@*!!!! but being the great wife i am, i gave in! :)
    i was totally coordinating with the fields! i didn't wanna wear blue and white cos i wasn't sure which team i was supporting! :) what a rebel.

  3. I'm glad you managed to catch a baseball game! I missed those in Japan too! And hey I never realised you are a cool lefty too just like me! :D How come I din notice that the last time we ate together? ;)

  4. oops wait, sorry! I think I am blind, see wrongly. But hey, you are still cool! As always! ;D *hugz*

  5. hahaha!!! :) unfortunately im a common righty! :)
    but daniel is a lefty. we get into elbow tussles if we sit that the wrong side of the table! :)

  6. haha thumbs' up for being an awesome wifey! =) i would have insisted on Lady Gaga though! cos com'on its Lady Gaga!! :P:P
    haha you should have wear pink or yellow or purple! the neutral colours! :D

  7. I have tix for Lady Gaga this August!!! I'm not holding my breath because I've already had two concerts cancel on me this summer :(
    Ichiro Suzuki is my fave from Mariners!!! So cute!

  8. haha justin is a lefty too and we also always bump elbows when we don't pay attention to where we're sitting at dinners....
    i would have been torn about lady gaga or baseball!!! thank god i prob won't have that problem in NC. i don't think they have a baseball team.

  9. i think south caroline has american football tho! at least i vaguely understand baseball. i once went for a football game and spend most of the time eating hotdogs! :)

  10. oh.. tell me how it goes!! im still a little sore i missed it. to make up for it, daniel downloaded a bunch of lady gaga songs on my ipod so i've gaga-carrie-oking the entire flight back to cambodia..
    he is SUPER cute. even now. extra points for super cute butt! :) he played very well that evening... *swoon*

  11. i know what you mean man. its ok. im sure gaga will come to me one day. just like glee!!
    lady! im on vacation! it was hard enough finding clean clothes!! and suitable undergarments!! no fashion parade! we went with half a luggage anticipating some heavy shopping!!! :) :)

  12. wonder if she'll come to sg!!
    haha oh ya ah, i forgot you were on vacation! :D

  13. going to a game is such good fun... watching an Arsenal match with K is now like the one thing we need to do before we die :) We didn't go to London for our honeymoon cos it was not soccer season!

  14. hahaha!!! :) arsenal... i think im a man-u fan or at least i was when beckham was in that team!! :)
    have a blast at your honeymoon!!!
    p.s. why are you online!!!

  15. Cos i m back :(
    Landed yesterday night and back in the office today.

  16. awwwww. welcome back!!! needless to say, it passed so fast!!


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