Tuesday, July 13, 2010

unnecessary wedding expense #589754: metal alphabets

its not like this one is really costly, but in light that we parted with half-used toothpaste & clothes we brought to pack in more shopping, daniel felt like this purchase was a little non-essential. but that's just him. i had to throw myself on the floor and wail a little and threatened death before he agreed. maybe a slight exaggeration but i did make a point that in this wedding, metal alphabets are de rigueur. i might have pulled my "family heirloom" card (such an old trick..) but walk out of anthro a pretty happy girl.

talking about anthropologie, they're the beez nezz!!!! i spend more time admiring art in that store than in MOMA. i think i've said it a billion times but im crazy over their displays.. every single corner is beautiful.. i could live in there.

this stuff makes me weak in the knees.. oh and these!
used in varying sizes to accentuate the home, so inspiring!

more bed-side & wall-side inspiration..

but i agreed that lugging home THREE metal alphabets is kinda heavy so i compromised and picked an ampersand!!! SUPER adorable!! for some queer reason, i didn't think about investing in an "A" for our family name. oh well..

but undeterred, i picked the scissors today and pulled together these two babies to go with my metal "&".

my own fabric alphabets.

no nifty tutorial because it was so shabbily put together. but in short, all you need is some cardboard, pencil, trace the alphabets and wrap it with leftover fabrics. to create the 3-d effect, i padded it evenly with some stuffing and embellished it with some scraps and bits and bobs!! not my best work to date cos you can see the rough edges but ok for a first attempt. i'd highly recommend using styrofoam as a base as its more sturdy...

the current plan is to use it on our reception table but here's another cute way to use my metal "&" at the wedding! adorable!

p.s. jetlag is such a pain.. :( im bright and all game to craft at 3am! *sigh*


  1. i know right? its all my favorite things and colours rolled in one.
    daniel said to make the "D" masculine! so i had to resort to lace and dots.. (hahahaha...)

  2. How did you make your fabric alphabets? Are they just alphabets blocks with fabric wrapped around them?

  3. I saw these letters going on sales in Cotton On (Novena Velocity)! But I think theirs are plastic! Very cute though~ :)

  4. COTTON ON!!!!! oh man. first stop off the plane on saturday!!! :) :) thanks for the tip!!!

  5. I LOVE YOUR 'Z'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

  6. teehee!!! :) thanks!! its in PINK! :)

  7. nope, just with cardboard & leftover fabric. its a little flimsier than i'd like.
    using alphabet blocks/ styrofoam would be so much sturdier!! i've cut alphabets from styrofoam. like slicing through butter.. very fun.

  8. the colour is secondary! love how everything come together!


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