Monday, July 26, 2010

this weekend...

my parents are selling me in exchange for a big fat pig. just sayin'.

hey boo! wanna hang?

sometimes, you just gotta pick your battles. but my cousins said, i don't quite understand why pigs! seriously, why can't it be something prettier, or more peaceloving like a dove or a dog (not roasted of course..) or something nice. one big FAT uncut pig.

so if you love some pig, trotter over to my place! :)

p.s. for the non-chinese, find out more about the chastity pig here!


  1. gosh... tell me about it!!
    i was afraid Kenny would get the pig wrong so i personally ordered my pig from tiong bahru and while i had intended for just a small piglet (cos seriously, why the need for such a big pig right?!, the S$168 one turned out to be tiny (really no bigger than a roast duck). My parents were expecting the pig to be the size of the table! (which i suspect is the S$500 one) with clevers all ready. So, a point to note... do manage expectations unless u are getting the S$500 from them. But S$500 just for a pig!! There was no way i was going to pay S$500 for pig :)

  2. Is it due to a certain dialect u belong to? My family didnt ask for any pig during our wedding. Only some canned pig trotter leh.

  3. im hainanese. *shrug* apparantly its a teochew thing..
    daniel is vaguely hokkien so have no clue. but since it means a lot to my mum, will indulge in her requests...

  4. too late man. i also had the honour of ordering on behalf of daniel. and i told the person a decent sized pig so he quoted me in the vicinity of $500.
    at least we got the recommendation from our friend who said their pig was yumms!
    want some pork to fry rice for the week? :)

  5. haha... don't worry... i'm sure there will not be enough to go around (if based on my parents' intial allocation plan)!
    Oh my, you went for the S$500 one! Get your clevers sharpened and ready!!!

  6. im just a sucker and didn't want daniel to get the reputation of "the cheap angmoh"... yes, we also got a dedicataed pig chopper. she is very professional..
    there was no way i'd get near to a whole pig. it took me years to eat meat.. *shudder*

  7. u know what, its a good investment.
    Had i known the parents with be so disappointed with the small pig, i would have gladly paid for the big one!
    I thought the whole point was the pig and not the size of the pig... but i was so wrong :)
    So, way to go girl.

  8. yeah.. some things are weird like that. but figured since we were paying big bucks (for the sin wedding) to please the majority, then we'll do whatever it takes!
    i drew the line at those traditional spittoons and lamps. we own enough crap.

  9. i like roast pig!! but see if I can bite on sat.. =)

  10. if you can, COME!!! :) need all the help we can get!!!

  11. ha that picture is hilarious. send me some roast's deeeeeelish! especially when eaten with (believe it or not) mustard...Hong Kong-style!

  12. ooooo great idea! :) i thought you only eat roast pig like shao rou that way!!

  13. yah hor...definitely got them confused, oops :P but probably wouldn't hurt to try it with mustard anyway! i <3 roast meats!

  14. gonna give it a go! will let you know if its weird!! :)


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