Thursday, July 29, 2010

shoes, glorious shoes!!!

i thank my lucky stars that mum made me dance. the many hours in ballet pointe class has given me the gift to balance on ridiculously high shoes. that and really messed up toenails.

aren't these cut out sandals such a dream?

from sergio rossi via this is glamourous.


  1. *weak in the knees* yeeees... *swoon*

  2. so so pretty right??? i can imagine wearing that with a sundress and traisping along the coast of santorini with a cocktail! *sigh*

  3. yes. if i had them, i'd wear them to sleep too. it's so per-reeety.

  4. hahahahah!!!! :) i seriously went to sleep with new miumiu pumps the first day i got them too!!


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