Friday, July 30, 2010

i got THE dress! :)

im all wrapped up and ready to go! :) 

its very dorky but i was so thrilled by it i can't stop sticking my hand into the big bad garment bag to touch the lacy & tulle. magnificent. ok, its probably alright only to most people, but to me, its perfect. (thought i better manage expectations a little!!)

from here.

thinking back to the start of this whole process when i was tossing up between buying a monique lhuillier off the internet and this dress from dang, im very very pleased that i chose this option in the end. probably my best decision after marrying my groom. i can't write it well enough but it was the fun and giggles each time i visited the ladies, dang and daphne, it worth more than anything you pay. i seriously walk out happier each time despite being told i needed to start wearing a girdle. :( that part sucked. a little.

last evening, just took the hat off. in my life, i always told myself anything my maid of honour approves, is good enough for me. i was a little nervous when she came last night. mostly because she lives in the world of beautiful dresses so what if she hated it??? fortunately for me, both of us were utterly charmed by my dress, the shopspace and the two ladies. and the detailing on my cheongsam, is just too pretty. and to top it off, i was given the most gorgeous earrings, hairpiece and heaps of warm hugs as a wedding gift. we both walked out in that radiant wedding bliss. i seriously felt like a bride. and very loved one.



  1. Aww.. i can't wait to see it... no sneak preview? :)

  2. hahaha... im trying to FIND the pictures! :) my whole room is in a mess! :)

  3. So happy for you babe!
    I totally can relate to how you felt...though its been 10 years since I walked down the aisle!
    And yes, I got that corset advise too back sucked but its said with good intentions.
    You know what they say rite, no peek-a-boos of bridal attire to anyone outside the bridal party else there'll be bad luck!
    hahaha....cant wait for the post wedding pictures, in the meantime.
    Now can somebody get me a tissue please? I'm tearing up already.
    Tight Hugs,

  4. really???? oh man!! good thing i have not found my camera then! *sigh* there is always a silver lining to my messy room! :)
    awwwwww... thanks triz! i'll definitely try my best to suck it ALL in and post pictures soon! :)

  5. Ops... SO sorry... i totally had no idea about the taboo...

  6. i didn't know too! :) haha!! im not SUPER pantang but since i cant find anything in my room, i'll just bail on my camera for now !:)

  7. Can't wait to see you in the dress! I am sure you'll look absolutely beautiful :)
    Happy weekend!

  8. thanks sweetie... daniel better love it after all the designing, fitting, taping and sucking in! :)
    have a lovely weekend yourself!!


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