Wednesday, July 14, 2010

holy smokes...

kinda anticipated some sort of wedding drama at some point. but this possibly could be one or the worst sorts.

my boss, my inspiration behind most wedding things, just told me she can't be at our wedding. just this morning, we were animatedly chatting (long distance) about visas, grabbing cabs drunk from the wedding and random wedding updates. then she felt something wrong in the eye and is now booked in for emergency operation tomorrow morning for retina detachment. holy shit. i didn't even know what it was till i googled it and my i feel sick in the stomach. that it is so serious. and that she is in singapore alone. and that she won't be well for a while. im so queasy and nervous...

i can't wait till i get on my flight home.

the yuckiness is not even about our wedding but suddenly, im less confident to carry the entire thing off. cos she was always my security blanket. if anything happens, look for anna. if you can't pin your corsage, anna knows how. if i botch up the wedding flowers, she will fix it. she was gonne fly in after a wedding the night before but now, she is going to be recuperating alone in singapore while we party, feels all wrong.. :( 

sucks. get better soon. you're in our prayers tonight. weddings are no fun without you.


  1. get well soon anna!!
    now its your turn to be her pillar of strength!

  2. yeah i know!! am trying.
    timing's just unfortunate...


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