Tuesday, July 20, 2010

has it really been ONE year??

over the weekend, we flew home for our dear friends' wedding engagement (ie legal solemnization) and party. they had a cosy group of 8 witnessing their love for each other in a beautiful and personal celebration.

the bride and groom wore their traditional outfits in common shades of maroon and white and celebrated their union in their new home which they built together.. so sweet and meaningful...

our gorgeous friends...

midway through their ceremony, we squeezed hands when we realized it was also our own little one year celebration! we had joked about it a few months back when we got their invitations that from then on, we can remind each other when the shared anniversary is round the corner but completely forgotten. we also jokingly set out a travel-dreamlist so we can set aside places we'd travel together. we've shared awesome vacays, brunches, many many laughs and crossed little milestones together with them. so it was extremely special to share the date with such special friends.

at their cosy home, the couple out-did themselves and dressed up their living room with petals and gorgeous centerpieces. (couple-zilla alert!!)  and when we arrived, we were all treated to a lovely breakfast of fruit and fresh pastries. super delicious! but just as we thought we were spoilt so silly, they announced that everyone was invited to lunch at royal china at raffles! fwah! totally read my mind! that was a place i've heard so much about and wanted to visit so badly. granted, i know the world does not revolve around me. but i was mighty pleased!! :) and the food was awesome! and the room. *speechless*. i could spend my whole life in that room.. amazing. you could serve me chicken rice in that room and i'd be beaming from ear to ear still.

to round off the celebrations, they even bought each of us little gifts. perfect to the T. i can't wait for the rest of their celebrations!! congrats, my loves.. we can't be happier for you two.

meanwhile, i still can't believe it has been a year since this, and this, and this!!! good times!! this year been quite the journey and we're spent a good part of it planning for our weddings!! and to that, a very wedding-worn out daniel says "baby, lets get married already!!"

bring it on! :)


  1. love that they are in their respective outfits.

  2. super cute, right?? extra meaningful! :)


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